In its music vacuum pump technical parameters

It is often said that "Flowers without amaurias and people with good sentiment" are not strong enough to sustain life at peak time, regardless of whether they are human or other life. Keep for a long time? I believe this must be a simple work. In the case of its music vacuum pump, how to make it in the vacuum pump market to maintain its vitality, not only need its music vacuum pump itself quality assurance, but also the user needs of its music vacuum pump technical parameters of efficient and reasonable. In its music vacuum pump technical parameters 1, the scope of application: 105 ~ 10-2Pa; 2, the valve leakage rate: ≤ 6.7x10-3 Pa.L / S; 3, the applicable temperature: -30 ~ +50 ℃; 4, the coil temperature L: ≤ 65 ℃; 5, the opening and closing time: ≤ 3s; 6, the power supply voltage: 220v ± 10% / 50Hz; 7, power: 15w-40w; 8, frequency: ≤ 3 times / : 0.2A (DN25-DN40), 2A (DN50-DN80); 10, to maintain power consumption: 12w, 40w (DN25-DN40), ≤ 12w (DN50-DN80); through the above on the music of its vacuum pump technical parameters analysis , We can find that these parameters have their own characteristics, have their own upper limit of work pressure, but also have their own temper. In the music of its vacuum pump users in the use of its music vacuum pump, remember to ignore its music vacuum pump technical parameters. In the future on the improvement of its music vacuum pump, its music vacuum pump technical parameters should also be a very good direction. This article is copyrighted industry interconnect (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the source and author of: Asian pumps Network (CEO QQ / micro letter: 18,189,528) Editor: Coco (QQ / micro-channel: 97,129,096) starting: http : // (Service Hotline:)

1, The whole bulb is supported closely aligns controlled temperature surface while thermostat installation, to achieve accurate Temperature Control purposes. 

2, The installation must not be a bulb pressure deformation, so as not to affect its performance.

3, Don't make electricity gas and electricity material in a thermostat or contaminated thermostat surface to avoid affect the electrical insulating performance.

4, Switch box is that the electrical appliances ceramic part to handle gently and avoid damage

5, The bending radius of capillary is not less than 5mm. 

Capillary thermostat

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