What is thermal grease?

Thermal grease is composed of a variety of silicone materials, a variety of thermal fillers, phase separation agents, thixotropic agents and other components. It is a white stable paste with high thermal conductivity, high flow, no flow, and long release without delamination. Permanently does not dry, does not solidify, does not melt, and has a thermal conductivity 2 times that of comparable glues. (Good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. The product is non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable.)

It is applied between the heat-generating device and the Heat Sink layer, or the high-power tube is plastic-sealed, and the diode is in contact with the gap of the substrate, and the rectifier and the electronic device fill the gap. The formation of a good thermal conduction path, the device operating temperature is reduced below critical operating conditions, so the life of components is greatly extended!

Now that more and more thermal greases are used, high-power diodes can be used!

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CNC Machining

CNC machining from aluminum block to certain shape to fit in the system. The advantage of CNC machining parts is to reduce the size and minimize the space in need, and no need for extra tooling cost, it's good for prototype and small to medium quantity order for rapid into market.

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In Electronics shop we provide our professional skills on power electronics design and manufacture. From A to Z, we can help you translate your idea into real products.

Our Metal shop provide professional stamping service which include creating mold, stamping and surface treatment. The implementation of CNC machine provide high precision machining parts and machining service to our customer.

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