Analyze the working principle of security door!

The principle of the security gate is a 3.5-4.95M sinusoidal oscillation generated by the crystal oscillator, divided by a frequency divider to a sine wave of about 7.8K. After the power amplification by the transistor and the coil, electromagnetic waves are emitted from the large input coil of the door (7 zones). The 1-6 zone coils are received separately. After receiving, the received signal is compared with the reference signal. After the change is found, the output level of the acquisition card is changed. The CPU scans the data of the 6-bit acquisition card within 300 milliseconds to determine the location of the metal and display the output.

Structure 1, door structure: consists of a large coil, 6 small coils, compensation coils and graphite. 2, chassis structure security door

Detection workflow workflow CPU detection → a group of infrared blocked → detect whether the acquisition card data changes → alarm → detect another set of infrared → reset re-probing.

Does the security gate have electromagnetic radiation?

Any electronic product has a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation. There is also a lot of electromagnetic radiation around us. Such as radio stations, television stations, mobile phone towers, high-voltage lines, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, induction cookers, mobile phones and so on.

Relative to these electronic products, the security door electromagnetic radiation is minimal, because the security door is a weak magnetic field sensing technology, power is very small, than the power of the phone when talking is many times smaller! Less radiation than computer monitors.

So the security door electromagnetic radiation is safe

Security door size:
Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (H) x 820 (W) x 500 (D)
Channel size: (mm) 2000 (H) x 700 (W) x 500 (D)

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