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1. I want to grow vegetables

Choose a vegetable plot (10㎡) or vegetable garden (30㎡)

Choose your favorite vegetables

Arrange workers to plant on the farm

Watering, weeding, fertilizing

Uncle Farmer will take care of your vegetable farm

24-hour video surveillance

Watch anywhere

After the vegetables are mature, the farm arranges harvest once a week (twice in the vegetable garden)

Jingdong Express brings you fresh food 24 hours a day

Planting yourself is more at ease

Variety Variety Harvest Times Annual Production Price

Vegetable field 10㎡51 times / year 100 kg +2580 yuan / year

Livestock hens 200 times / year 500 kg + 1000 yuan / year

Basic principles of smart farm:

1. Integral design. Within a certain area, we must grasp the key, systematic planning and comprehensive design of ecological recycling farm construction projects to ensure the smooth circulation of the industrial chain and resource utilization.

2. It is a menu option. According to the construction content, circulation mode and project basic conditions of the overall design, according to the principle of "filling and filling", the required construction content is selected in a menu style to ensure smooth circulation mode.

3. Regional promotion. In the county, select the core area for overall advancement, and strive to create a batch of ecologically circular agricultural townships and radiate to the surrounding areas.

4. It is a market-oriented operation. Guided by policies and funds, support qualified agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, farmers cooperatives and other new business entities to participate in project construction and be responsible for project operations.

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