Anping Supplier Best Price Hexagonal Wire Mesh/ Gabion Box

  • Model NO.: CT-1
  • Application: Gabion Mesh, Gabions, Construction Wire Mesh, River Protection Net
  • Usage: Bank Protection Revetment
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized
  • Aperture: 80*100mm
  • Mesh Hole: 8*10 10*12 7*9
  • Selvedge: 2.5mm-4.5mm
  • Life: 70-80years
  • Export Markets: Global
  • Sample: Free
  • Specification: Zinc quantity on 220g/m2
  • HS Code: 73144900
  • Material: Galvanized Iron Wire
  • Hole Shape: Hexagonal
  • Technics: Woven
  • Size: 1m x 1m x 1m
  • Products Name: Gabion Wire Mesh
  • Color Options: Green Black Grey or Customize
  • Certificate: ISO9001 ,SGS etc
  • Advantage: Cheap Price, Fast Delivery
  • Service: Best Service
  • Trademark: Chang Te
  • Origin: Hebei Anping
Product description
Six angular mesh gabion
The stone cage net specification
Grid size: 60x80, 80x100100x120120x150;
Diameter: 2.0mm-4.5mm
Length * width * height: 2mx1mx1m, 3mx1mx1m, 6mx1mx1m, 6mx1mx0.3m.
The characteristics of the stone cage net
1. It is a very economical. You only need to put the stone in the grid and then seal.
2. It is flexible, corrosion resistant, able to withstand extreme weather.
3. Has the advantages of simple structure, no need of special technology.
4, between the screen and the Stone mud helps the growth of plants. This makes the surrounding natural environment of grid harmoniouswith.
5. Grid permeability good, prevent the damage caused by static water, so that the stability ofslopes and beach.
6. Gabion mesh folding can be assembled on the spot, which saves the cost of transportation.
Application of stone cage net
Stone cage net is used for slope and foundation pit support, prevention or broken rock, slope greening, water and soil conservation,
A large net, anti erosion, sea dyke dam surface, etc...
Stone cage net packing
Stone cage net / 50-100 per bag, pack of 2 steel.

Other Parts

The structure of the core barrel is generally divided into single - acting double core tube and most of the fishing apparatus. The double tube section consists of an outer tube assembly and an inner tube assembly. The outer pipe assembly includes; The main structure and working principle of the cartridge stopper, cartridge chamber, stable joint outer pipe, diamond reamer and diamond bit are as follows:

(1) Spear structure is composed of spear head and recovery spring. When coring, the fishing device is lowered to the upper part of the inner tube assembly in the drill pipe, and the fishing hook grasps the fishing spear, lifts the fishing device up, picks up the recycling card barrel, and inwardly compressing the cartridge card, so that the inner tube assembly and the outer tube are separated, so that the inner tube assembly is lifted up.

(2) The clip structure is mainly composed of the clip frame, clip, spring and other components. Its function is that when the inner tube sits on the outer tube, the clip expands with the help of the elastic force of the expansion spring and sticks to the inner wall of the clip chamber, so that the drilling tool can achieve positioning.

(3) Buffer structure by spring, locking mother, split pin composition. Protecting the inner tube when pulling the core.

(4) Single action structure is realized by two pairs of thrust bearings.

(5) Adjust the length of the inner pipe assembly and the outer pipe assembly of the structure, and fine-tune the lower shaft and the locking mother to achieve the gap required by the end of the spring seat and the step inside the drill bit.

(6) The fishing structure, also known as the fishing device, is mainly composed of fishing hook, hammer and safety rope. The fishing hook is used to hold the spearhead while fishing the inner pipe, and the weight is used to speed up the fishing device's descent to save fishing time. The safety rope is a thin rope. When the inner pipe is stuck for some reason and cannot be lifted, the safety rope can be forcefully lifted and then the drill can be lifted.

Other Parts,Spearhead Base,Compression Spin,Core Lifter

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