What is an XPS extruded board? What are the advantages and disadvantages of XPS extruded board?

What is an XPS extruded board?

XPS extruded board is a new type of insulation board which is made of polystyrene resin as the main raw material and continuously extruded and foamed by special process. The plate is a closed-cell honeycomb structure, has better heat insulation performance than traditional materials, and has high compression resistance, no water absorption, moisture resistance, air resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, etc., and has a long service life. An environmentally-friendly insulation material with excellent thermal conductivity is an ideal high-performance engineering energy-saving material. It is suitable for insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture treatment of buildings and highway projects.

The advantages of XPS extruded board are:

1. The XPS extruded board has a dense surface layer and an inner layer of a closed cell structure. Its thermal conductivity is much lower than EPS of the same thickness, so it has better thermal insulation performance than EPS. For the same building façade, the thickness of the building can be smaller than other types of insulation materials;

2. Due to the closed cell structure of the inner layer. Therefore, it has good moisture resistance and can maintain good thermal insulation performance in humid environments.

3. It is suitable for buildings with special requirements for heat preservation such as cold storage, and also for buildings with exterior wall facing materials such as tiles or stone;

4. Mechanical fixing parts are required for the fixing method of the extruded polystyrene and the base wall. It can be used as usual in winter.

Disadvantages of XPS extruded board:

1. The strength of XPS extruded board itself is high, which makes the board more brittle, not easy to bend, stress concentration on the stress on the board, easy to damage and crack the board;

2. Due to the smooth surface of the board, interface treatment is required during construction and the hair is pulled. The hair panel is not in this column;

3, poor gas permeability, almost airtight, if the temperature difference between the two sides of the board is large, the humidity is high and it is easy to dew;

4. The price is higher than that of EPS and rubber powder polystyrene system.

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