Additional considerations for humidity sensors

Additional considerations for humidity sensors

The humidity sensor is non-sealing. To protect the accuracy and stability of the measurement, it should be avoided in acidic, alkaline and organic solvent-containing atmospheres. Also avoid use in dusty environments. In order to correctly reflect the humidity of the space to be tested, you should also avoid placing the sensor at a corner that is too close to the wall or where the air does not circulate. If the room being tested is too large, multiple sensors should be placed.   

Some humidity sensors have higher requirements on the power supply, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy. Or the sensors interfere with each other and can't even work. When used, it is required to provide a suitable power supply that meets the accuracy requirements.   

When the sensor needs to transmit long-distance signals, pay attention to the signal attenuation problem. When the transmission distance exceeds 200m , it is recommended to use the humidity sensor of the frequency output signal. Welcome to the company's official website http://

Since the humidity sensor has a certain degree of dispersion, both imported and domestic sensors need to be debugged one by one. Most of them need to be re-calibrated after replacing the humidity sensor, which is especially important for humidity sensors with high measurement accuracy.

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