Congratulations on the official establishment of "Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd."

Abstract Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd., which was established by the company's founding and shareholder meeting and was changed by Nanyang Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd., was held on August 26, 2009 to hold the founding meeting and the first general meeting of shareholders. The meeting was named...

Company establishment, shareholder meeting venue

The “Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd.”, which was established by the overall restructuring of Nanyang Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd., held its founding meeting and the first general meeting of shareholders on August 26, 2009. The meeting elected the first board of directors and the board of supervisors by secret ballot. The new company has a stock capital of 450 million shares, which are held by 9 shareholders: Henan Zhongnan Industry Co., Ltd. holds 63.64%, China Ordnance Industry Group holds 13.73%, Shanghai Xunbang Investment Co., Ltd. holds 5.15%, Beijing Jinwanzhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. holds 4.38% of the shares, and five natural persons hold a total of 13.11%.

Cao Runshan's deputy director's speech

At the founding meeting, Shi Honglai, deputy director of the China National Ordnance Industry Corporation, and Cao Runshan, deputy director of the asset management department, Hu Hongjiang, director of the Asset Management Department, Duan Shuanggeng, director of the Asset Management Division of the Projection Bureau, all shareholders, Pacific Securities Limited Peng Zhouhong, general manager of the investment banking department of the responsible company, Ms. Huang Hao, the representative of the prospective sponsor, Jiang Wei, project manager Qian Zhifei, senior partner and lawyer of Junzejun Law Firm, Ms. Zhou Yan, former senior manager of Nanyang Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. personnel.


General Manager Jia Pan listened to the report at the conference venue

The meeting was presided over by Deputy Director Shi Honglai, and Deputy Director Cao Runshan delivered a warm speech. The General Assembly reviewed and approved the report on the preparation of the company, the proposal of the establishment of the company, and the company's articles of association. At the subsequent general meeting of shareholders, a board of directors consisting of 9 shareholders and 3 independent directors and a board of supervisors consisting of 5 supervisors were elected. The board of directors and the board of supervisors are all appointed for a term of three years.

General Manager Jia Pan issued a letter of appointment to the deputy general manager

At the first board meeting held on the same day, Shi Honglai was elected as the chairman of the board. According to the nomination of Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jia Pan was appointed as the general manager. According to General Manager Jia, nominated Li Yushun, Lu Canhua and Liu Jie as deputy general managers, and hired Shi Lihua. Ms. is the chief accountant. The board of directors also decided to set up four special committees: the strategy committee, the audit committee, the nomination committee, and the remuneration and assessment committee. The members of each special committee are concurrently appointed by the board members.

Members of the first board of supervisors, from left to right: Wu Qingbin, Sun Xiaoming, Zhou Ziping, Liu Shanyue, Wang Jianwen

At the first meeting of the Supervisory Committee held on the same day, Zhou Ziping was elected as the chairman of the Supervisory Committee.
After successfully completing the various agendas related to the joint stock company at various meetings held on the same day, the victory was closed.

The first general manager of Zhongnan Diamond, from left to right: Shi Lihua, Liu Jie, Jia Pan, Li Yushun, Lu Canhua

The establishment of Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. is a major event in the history of China's superhard materials industry. She will be the leading manufacturer of synthetic diamonds in China and the world. She will create value for customers, create benefits for shareholders, and serve the society. Create wealth, create the future for the company, and shoulder the responsibility of revitalizing the national superhard materials industry. By taking advantage of the reform and listing of the Dongfeng, we will march forward for the development of the industry and the great goal of realizing a super-hard material power, and march forward bravely! (Li Li)

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