Cabinets are easy to fall into the trap of three major misunderstandings

After the young white-collar family has their own small home, they will carefully decorate to reflect their own tastes of life. Kitchen cabinets, because of their storage and decorative features, make the kitchen cleaner and more stylish, and are popular with young white-collar workers. However, because they are not professionals and lack certain practical life experience, they are more likely to enter the following three misunderstandings when purchasing cabinets.

Misunderstanding 1: Ignore the functionality of the kitchen

Too much consideration for the color and aesthetics of the kitchen, while ignoring the most practical functionality. Young friends who are first-time home buyers have limited kitchen space and often consider the application of avant-garde and exaggerated shapes for design color. The most important storage function of the cabinet is often overlooked. So when the cabinets entered the house, they found that there were no places for "unexpected" things, such as: various pots, staple foods, juicers, small ovens... Finally, alumni, selected cabinets were The messy placement was completely covered up.

The solution:

Items that need to be stored in the kitchen include all kinds of pots, small household appliances, staple grains, various tableware, knives, and condiments. If you think too much about aesthetics, but you waste space, there are many inconveniences in future use. The style of the selected cabinet should be based on the premise of ensuring the storage function, and then consider the beauty. Consider the design of the cabinet as much as possible, and adopt the design of single basin or single basin with drain rack. When the conditions are limited, the luxury function design (such as dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, oven and other appliances) should be removed first.

Myth 2: I believe the brand ignores the details

Compared with other people, regular brand cabinets are more likely to be loved by young white-collar workers. After all, go2map, brand means quality assurance, but also means better after-sales service. However, as a formal brand, it is not to say that climbing with some big brands, “Who are we working with and who is consistent with the materials?” Yunyun can, because the manufacturers say so, but consumers can not examine its authenticity.

The solution:

Even when choosing a formal brand, we must examine the quality through details. Good cabinets can be used to identify the exquisite craftsmanship through plates, countertops, drilling, and edge sealing. Details such as wall hangings and front panel reinforcement are also important. The quality and longevity of kitchen cabinets are often determined by these details. . So consumers are not afraid of trouble, shop around than the details.

Misunderstanding 3: "sample first"

In addition, the alumni recorded that after the young people took a fancy to the cabinet of a certain brand, they might go to the dazzling cabinet model showroom and choose one of their favorite ones. After communicating with the designer, they got a drawing and thought they were done. After the renovation was completed, it was a thousand miles away from what I expected. The color that looked so dazzling at the time looked dark and dull in the room; the whole cabinet used the focus to decorate the home network, how could it not be easy...

The solution:

Although the kitchen cabinet looks good, you need to consider whether it is suitable for your kitchen. Under the premise of meeting the needs, it is not a simple matter to minimize the damage of the sample style, so it is necessary to analyze which one is my favorite and suitable for my family. For example: U-shaped cabinets are not suitable for the design of horizontal lines with smooth lines and the design of large cabinet doors. Kitchen cabinets are not recommended for use in small kitchens. Chinese kitchens are generally not suitable for table tops or door panels. Overcoming complex kitchen cabinets that are difficult to clean.

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