A case of troubleshooting the scraper not walking

Most armature of DC motor adopts laminated windings. During the operation of armature, circulating currents will appear in each symmetrically-semiconducting laminated winding. This is due to different process inductances of the material during the manufacturing process of the armature, resulting in different normal operation. In order to eliminate the circulation, equal pressure or differential connection method is adopted in the production. If the pressure equalizing line breaks, the symmetry of the motor will ignite severely during the operation of the motor. During the shutdown inspection, it is found that there are black burning marks on both sides of the symmetry maintenance and adjustment of the commutator to form symmetrical black spots, and the commutator wire groove is severe when the commutator is severe. There will be melt out of the solder. The above phenomenon can be regarded as the breakdown of pressure equalization lines.

Equal pressure lines are made of thick copper rods larger than 4mm, and the possibility of disconnection from the middle is very small, and most of the faults occur on the weld joint of the commutator joint. First, the armature should be removed and placed on the workbench. The resistance between the commutator segments should be carefully measured by the voltage drop method. The resistance between the normal voltage lines should be changed regularly, and the resistance difference of each piece should not be greater than 10; if the pressure equalization line breaks , then the inter-chip resistance value is greater than the normal value, and no regular changes.

After the break point is found, the iron head of 500 electric irons will be removed, heated and flattened to make the thickness slightly narrower than the wire groove on the commutator, and then connected back to the electric iron. Prepare the soldered people, put a cold water plate under the commutator under the flow of solder.

Use the soldering iron to heat the failed soldering irons one by one, so that the tin on the solder joints is melted, the winding joints are pulled out first, the equalizing wire joints are pulled out again, and they are polished, tin-plated, and then the correct soldering process is used. ,Reset welding firmly. Use a bridge or voltage method to measure the child until it is qualified.

In this way, it is satisfactory to treat the commutator pressure equalization line breakage fault.

Fuzhou Board Paper Co., Ltd. Communication Address Jiangxi Linshi North Station Zip Code 344001 Liu Ruiwen Our 5001 miniature electric scraper imported from France is a hydraulic ore scraping equipment. The device is wheel-driven, with a capacity of 0.383 and an effective load of 600. The motor-driven hydrostatic pump and hydraulic pump convert the electrical energy into hydraulic energy, and realize the work of lifting, loading and unloading of the axle steering bucket, and hoisting the cable. Due to long-term use, maintenance is not timely, resulting in the breakdown of the walking part.

After sending the electric inspection, it will trip 38 within the delay time and the motor will not start. If the protection system is disconnected, the motor can be started without tripping. The axle steering shovel lifts the coiled cable and works normally, but the scraper does not walk. The fault may be in the static pressure oil circuit.

Check the walking circuit, pressure P = 42MPa, working properly; auxiliary circuit, pressure = 50, less than the normal working pressure is 1.01.6, so the fault is in the auxiliary circuit.

From the analysis of the role of the auxiliary circuit, when the pressure is lower than the normal working pressure, it will cause the relay safety protection device to trip within 38 delay time. At the same time, the hydraulic brake cannot be opened, so the scraper cannot walk. Caused by the auxiliary circuit pressure is reduced due to 1.63 overflow valve failure, auxiliary pump brake and oil leakage, low oil level.

Dismantling 16,3 The relief valve found that the valve plug was stuck by the black glue and caused a leak. After cleaning the overflow valve screen and replacing the hydraulic oil, the scraper will return to normal operation.

Mine Shunda Company Effect In April 1995, we used a brake chain coupling on the unwinding drum drive mechanism, which completely solved the problems that occurred in previous couplings. It was basically maintenance-free and has operated well. .

In the month of 1995, in the previous accidents, many accidents, such as the maintenance of the packaging machine, which was frequently difficult to maintain, were used to change the roller mechanism of the roller conveyors, such as roller conveyors, to use the coupling. So far, the work was reliable, not only the maintenance inspection, but also the convenience. Axial service life.

The average 51-vehicle truck transmission mechanism coupling occurred an average of 12 accidents per month. After the brake chain coupling was changed in July 1997, there was no coupling accident in China Equipment Management 2000.12. Saving maintenance costs, meeting production needs, and achieving good economic and social benefits.

The promotion and application of brake chain couplings are welcomed by maintenance workers. With the acceleration of the production rhythm, the brake chain coupling will be more widely used.

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