Security door application area!

First, what areas can be applied to security doors?

Applicable to production companies: including electronics (such as: chips, memory, circuit boards, hard drives, mobile phones, MP3, translation, voice recorders, electronic devices, etc.), wire and cable, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes, medicines, ink cartridges, Industrial and mining, hardware products, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and its processing and other related industries.

Applicable government departments: including bureaus, procuratorates, court tribunals, prisons, detention centers, labor camps, drug rehabilitation centers, and so on.

Applicable public places: including gymnasiums, entertainment venues (disco halls, dance halls, etc.), airports, train stations, bus stations, ports, exhibition halls, museums, banks, oil depots, power stations, etc.

Second, why do you need security door?

Production Enterprise: Preventing Theft

The price of precious metals (such as copper, aluminum, tin, nickel) and other raw materials rose sharply, resulting in related industries such as hardware, electroplating, electronic appliances, wire and cable, mechanical casting and other manufacturing enterprises. The costs of finished products, semi-finished products, and parts and components rose sharply. Because of the high price of these precious metals, there are many recovery points, and some employees who are ill-intentioned have an opportunity to prevent the loss of the company's precious metals. Companies are looking for ways to prevent and reduce the loss of metal materials. Practice has proved that the application of security gates in the factory can be scientific, objective, humane, and effective to play a preventive and deterrent role. This is because the security door has the characteristics of high detection accuracy and adjustable, objective, no human factors interference, no search, respect for employees, fast speed, and easy handling.

Public places, discotheques, dance halls, and public security laws: improve security

In these places, there are a large number of people and often there are lawless elements who carry weapons and other contraband items waiting to commit crimes and commit crimes, causing major casualties and property losses, and causing extremely bad negative effects on the community. In order to eliminate such terrorist incidents, it is imperative that scientific management be combined with scientific and effective management tools. The security gate is one of its most effective tools. It has been widely used in airports and other important security facilities to prevent terrorist attacks. It is a long-term practice inspection and has proved to be the most effective security tool. one.

Definition of Plant Extracts:

Plant extracts are substances that are extracted or processed from plants (all or a part of the plant) in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the health industry, the beauty industry, and other industries using appropriate solvents or methods.

The plant extract is a plant-based material that, according to the need for the intended use of the extracted final product, undergoes a physical and chemical extraction separation process that directs and concentrates one or more of the active ingredients in the plant without altering its active ingredient Structure and the formation of the product.

Plant Extracts

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