Six Ways to Discuss How Security Engineers Grasp the Process of IP Surveillance Application

IP monitoring system brings a revolution to the traditional analog monitoring system. Its depth and breadth far exceed the impact of digital video recording instead of analog video tape recording several years ago. The front-end cameras, transmission methods, control protocols, storage methods, and management platforms of the IP surveillance system have undergone earth-shaking changes as compared with the traditional analog monitoring. As a security engineering company, product selection and technology combinations during the project implementation process The five aspects of project design, project construction, and post-maintenance are different from previous insulation, and are now described as follows:

1, product selection

Traditional analog monitoring requires that only products that match the video format and control protocol 2 can be combined to form a system. The IP monitoring system needs to take into account the four levels of encoding, decoding, storage, and data flow control protocols, involving ISO. In the model two, four, five, and seven layers, the four-level agreement, the analog monitoring phase, the engineering company can not deal with the network system, to the IP monitoring stage, the project company needs to understand the basic knowledge of the ISO model, route exchange and other network knowledge to choose The right product composition system.

2, technology portfolio

Due to the digital transmission and storage methods of the IP surveillance system, the technology can be flexibly expanded according to user needs. With the wide application of high-definition video surveillance systems, users have put forward higher requirements in image recognition, intelligent analysis, and high-efficiency retrieval. For this purpose, in addition to the relevant technologies of the IP surveillance system, users are also familiar with the technology of the IP surveillance system. It is necessary to understand the image recognition technology, intelligent analysis technology and high-efficiency image retrieval technology, and accurately grasp the application environment, implementation method and the achieved effects of these technologies. For example, the effect of intelligent monitoring is exaggerated, but it cannot be achieved, resulting in project acceptance. Failed to pass, and suffered heavy losses.

For example, in today's high-definition bayonet project, it is very difficult to distinguish whether or not there is a seatbelt and identification system. The difficulty in achieving the seatbelt technology is very large. Because the color of the seatbelt color is not fixed, the recognition rate is determined when the software automatically recognizes the seatbelt. It is very low and can only be discriminated by artificial local amplification. If you do not understand the difficulty of the technology, you will suffer a big loss if you agree to it immediately. In addition, when a variety of technologies are combined, software applications are indispensable. This way, the engineering firm needs to understand some basic knowledge of software engineering such as software architecture, database, and operating system technologies.

3, program design

At present, many aspects of IP surveillance systems in terms of transmission are based on the owner's existing network. Security monitoring systems usually include monitoring, alarms, access control, intercom, and patrols. If IP monitoring systems are used, other systems The general requirements are linked with the monitoring system. In this way, the linkage method must be taken into consideration when designing the project. It is the integration of the central software, or the front-end camera with front-end alarm, intercom and access control input and output ports. The hardware is configured differently. There is a big difference between the cost and the realization, which must be determined during the design phase of the plan to avoid future problems. If the owners require high alarms, an independent alarm system must be used. For example, if the security project of Wenbo units adopts the IP monitoring system, the integration and linkage of the central software should be considered.

4, project construction

IP monitoring system is not only fixed equipment, cable testing, joints completed the project is completed, due to the large scale of the IP surveillance system access camera, so before the construction of the project must be done monitoring convergence point planning, IP address planning, monitoring point query list planning, storage strategy planning and other aspects of consideration, in order to ensure the smooth construction of the project, to avoid rectification and adjustment again and again.

5, post-maintenance

The post-maintenance personnel of the IP surveillance system must have relevant network management and computer software operating experience.

Most current monitoring and management platforms have equipment working logs and status alarm functions. Therefore, professional maintenance personnel must perform soft proficiency on monitoring system management software and some remote connections in order to accurately determine the cause of the fault and the point of failure, or maintain it through a remote network. Ways to provide users with fast service.

The above is based on many years of security industry experience from the construction unit's point of view of some of the IP monitoring and experience, when the IP monitoring and IT become more and more integrated, the boundaries of security and information is also becoming more and more blurred, I In the near future, security professionals will gradually turn into professionals in information technology, and security engineers and technicians must work hard to learn IT knowledge so as not to be eliminated by this revolution.

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