Corrosion-resistant pump selection

Selection of corrosion-resistant pump: 1. Make the type and performance of the selected corrosion-resistant chemical pump comply with the requirements of process parameters such as device flow, lift, pressure, temperature, NPSH, suction and so on; 2. Correctly calculate the corrosion- Purchasing input costs. 3 must meet the requirements of the characteristics of the medium: â… . For the transmission of flammable, explosive toxic or precious medium pump, shaft seal reliable or require the use of leak-free pump, such as magnetic pump (without shaft seal, ); â…¡ for conveying corrosive media pump, convection parts require corrosion-resistant materials, such as fluorine plastic corrosion-resistant pump; â…¢. For conveying solid particles containing the pump, convection parts require wear-resistant materials, if necessary, the shaft Seal with a cleaning liquid rinse. 4. Mechanical requirements of high reliability, low noise, small vibration.

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