"Yi" and "Jian" in the decoration of the living room

The living room is the center of the family. Before the renovation, learn about some of the feng shui knowledge of the living room. Pay more attention to the construction of the decoration. This will save you a lot of trouble. The feng shui “suitable” and “bogey” related to the living room are generally related to the issues of entrance, door, and door and window orientation.

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The door cannot be facing the elevator

The gate of the building’s home cannot be facing the elevator door, and it is not conducive to the financial development of the jet. Households are prone to diseases.

The door cannot be straight towards the window, back door or toilet

Doors and windows are the openings for qi into and out of the house. The doors cannot be aligned with the windows and the rear doors. The front and rear doors are connected to each other so that the qi can pass through and cannot gather in the house. As a result, wealth cannot be collected, so it is said to retreat. The toilet is to provide space for people to excrete. The nature is not clean, so the door should not be straight to the toilet. The entrance of the door to the toilet will make a mistake in the financial investment, which will cause people's wealth to enter the wealth and damage the family's wealth.

Entrance doors and living room should be set entrance

The feng shui wants to “happiness and avoid direct rushing”. The front door and the living room are equipped with a porch or a low cabinet to provide a buffer. The qi can be convoluted and gathered in the living room. The interior of the house is also hidden. The outside is not easy to pry into. Hidden deep inside the home, a symbol of good fortune stretch.

The living room should be at the front of the house

After entering the gate, the living room should first be seen, while the bedroom, kitchen and other spaces should be located behind the house. Inverted use of space configuration, mistakenly set the living room in the rear, will result in a pattern of returning wealth, easy to make the money transport down.

Live homes are diagonally opposite the main entrance

The homestay location is usually in the living room. Its main condition is quietness and stability. It cannot be the movement line of the passageway. Generally speaking, it is in the opposite corner of the entrance to the living room. Since the Mong Kok is often seen diagonally opposite the gate, it is not appropriate to hang a mirror because the mirror has the effect of reflection and it is easy to hinder the family's fortune; The best location is to plant mascots that can promote the fortune. The best way is to plant a broad-leaf green plant with vitality.

The living room should not be dark

The feng shui of the living room is full of light, so try to avoid placing too many potted plants on the balcony so as not to block the light. The bright living room can bring about strong family transportation, so the dark wall of the living room should not be too dark.

Living room floor should not be uneven

The living room floor should be flat and there should not be too many steps or manufacturing differences. Some living rooms use high and low levels of partition design, so that the level of the floor has obvious changes, so the family will be due to the ups and downs of the floor and more bumpy.

The living room cannot become a line of action

The living room is a place where there is a gathering atmosphere. It should be stable, and the living room should not be planned within the line of movement. The living room is located in the lane of the passage, making it easy for family members to meet or visitors to visit. Otherwise it will affect the homeowner’s career and relationships.

If there is a beam across the living room, cover it with a decoration

If there is a beam in the ceiling of the living room, it will create a feeling of oppression. People sitting under the beams will cause mental stress and lose their fortunes. As soon as possible to cover the beams in the ceiling of the mezzanine.

The living room should use circular shaped ornaments

The living room is a place where families and friends and relatives meet, and it is most necessary to create a lively and harmonious atmosphere. The circular shape is a symbol of dynamism, so circular lighting, ceiling shapes, and decorations have a warm and lively atmosphere.

The living room should not hang wild beasts

Living rooms, such as hanging flowers, plants, landscapes or fish, birds, horses, cranes, phoenix and other auspicious animals, are usually no more taboo. However, if you like to hunt dragons, tigers, eagles and other beasts, you need to pay special attention to the beast's head facing outwards to form a defensive pattern. Don’t threaten the beast's head inwards, otherwise it will be easy. Bring accidents to families.

The living room should not be stuffed with bones, debris or decorations

If the living room is stuffed with bones, miscellaneous items and decorations, it is easy to accumulate dust and affect the flow of air, which, of course, can easily lead to unsatisfactory blood flow and health decline.

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