Stone composite board advantages

The stone insulation composite board looks like a natural stone slate, but the middle is filled with an exclusive patented foam material, which has new functions such as flame retardant insulation. The stone thermal insulation composite board consists of three parts: plate, insulation layer and fireproof board. It has light weight, fireproof, heat preservation, good durability, simple construction, low engineering cost, and can greatly reduce the building's own weight, environmental protection, energy saving, stable quality, etc. advantage. Compared with pure marble plate, it has three advantages: one is energy saving, the other is fire prevention, and the third is to save money.

Stone insulation composite panels have been widely used in foreign countries, but not yet popular in China. The product is currently mainly used in colder regions of the north. In addition to the fire protection function, it can save about 65% in heat preservation. At the same time, the product has a price advantage over ordinary stone, and the price is about 50% cheaper than the equivalent stone.

Stone insulation composite decorative board advantages:

1. Good thermal insulation effect, high efficiency and energy saving

2, cost-effective, the cost is lower than the traditional stone curtain wall

3, fewer processes, less interference, short construction period

Compared with the 13 procedures of the traditional construction process, the integrated construction only has three processes, which greatly shortens the construction period, reduces cross-contamination, reduces potential hazards and safety hazards, and does not affect its normality in the energy-saving renovation process of existing buildings. Office.

4, lightweight, safe

The finished board is light in weight, reducing the burden on the building, reducing safety hazards and improving the safety of the system.

5. Industrial production, stable quality, green environmental protection

6, easy to install, easy to process, replaceable

The modular design is based on the façade of the building to produce standard-size finished panels. The system is advanced and convenient to install, the installation structure is firm, and the replacement and maintenance are quite simple.

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