Buying LED lighting products "saving electricity, saving money, worrying" is the key

Driven by favorable policies and good market prospects, many lighting companies have been involved in the field of LED lighting. According to statistics, in recent years, the domestic LED lighting industry has developed rapidly, and the number of related production enterprises has reached nearly 3,000. However, behind the prosperity of the industry, there is also a serious chaos, that is, the enterprises that have the LED lighting design and R&D strength in the industry are still not popular, so there are also some profit-seeking manufacturers in the market, which is easy to cause the LED lighting market. The mixed situation of fish and dragons and the uneven quality of products have caused misunderstandings for ordinary consumers to purchase LED products. Many consumers are wondering why they are LED products. The price difference is so great.

In this regard, a number of industry insiders told the author that consumers should try to avoid the choice of low-priced LED lighting products, because some companies will use low-quality components to reduce production costs, in order to achieve low-cost competition. The quality of this type of LED products is poor, and its life and energy saving effects will be greatly reduced, so it is difficult to help consumers achieve energy saving and money saving effects. Especially for hotels, shopping malls and other commercial places, if you choose a poor quality LED light source, not only can not achieve the desired energy-saving effect, but also because of the need for frequent power outage maintenance, replacement, etc., resulting in higher cost of use, and even May cause additional business losses.

So, what is the difference between using high-quality LED products and inferior LED products? District Jianpeng, director of LED products project department from Sanxiong Aurora, told the author that high-quality LED products can really help consumers realize the "three provinces", that is, "province Electricity, money, and peace of mind."

The first is “power saving”. Low-cost and inferior LED products have low light efficiency and fast light decay, and it is impossible to achieve the effect of power saving. High-quality LED products save at least 50% of electricity than ordinary energy-saving fluorescent lamps. Secondly, it is “saving money”. Low-priced and inferior LED products can not only achieve power-saving effect, but also have poor quality and short life. They need frequent maintenance and replacement, but will make consumers spend more money. And high-quality LED products can achieve the goal of “saving money” by saving electricity and maintaining maintenance costs. The author made a simple statistic, replacing 40W incandescent lamps with Sanxi Aurora 8W LED bulbs, 8 for each family, 4 hours per day, calculated at 0.6 yuan / kWh, saving 374 kWh per year. Light electricity can save 224 yuan per year.

Finally, it is “heart-saving”, home users, business users such as shopping malls, etc. It is very troublesome to repair and replace the lamps. Today, with high labor costs, the maintenance costs brought by lighting products will be greatly improved. And the high-quality LED products, long-term use for one-time purchase, no need to repair and replace frequently, the real realization saves trouble.

At present, the production cost of LED products is still higher than that of traditional products. The economic benefits are not reflected in the purchase cost, but the “long life and low energy consumption” features greatly save the cost of operation and maintenance, thus finally offsetting the previous period. The cost of the purchase. When consumers purchase, they need to choose excellent brands with guaranteed product quality and after-sales service, so that they can truly enjoy the energy-saving effect of “saving electricity, saving money and worry” brought by high-quality LED lighting products.

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