Buying jade must understand six aspects

How to choose jade, what are the methods to buy jade? What should we pay attention to when purchasing in daily life? Here are some important aspects for everyone to have a deeper understanding.

1 "color"

Color is the most important factor affecting jade. The value of color includes “positive, strong, yang, uniform”; the selection of colorless jade is also the most exposed to the colorless jade, and the colorless jade does not exist pure. Difference in degree, concentration, and uniformity, but there is a difference in positiveness, that is, bright or dark (selecting brighter colorless jade as much as possible under other conditions). Selection of floating flowers and oily jadeite Partial reference can also be made to the selection principle of colorless jade.

2 "water"

Refers to the transparency of jade, the higher the transparency, the better.

The “species” in the most commonly used nouns such as “glass type”, “ice species” and “scorpion species” are not completely a concept, but the classification of these habits can distinguish water well. The situation.

There are also two common methods for ranking "water":

1. Transparent, translucent, translucent, micro-transparent and opaque, respectively equivalent to glass, ice, alfalfa, bean, and stone.

2, three points of water, two points of water, one point of water, about the same as glass, ice, ice.

3 types"

Refers to the texture of jadeite, which is the crystal thickness and arrangement of jadeite (different from the so-called "glass", "golden seed", "oil green"

4 "ç‘•"

The jadeites mainly include cotton, dirty (mosquito), and cracks (cracks).

Cotton: There are fine cotton dots and large cotton balls;

Mottled color: including yellow, brown, black color points, color blocks;

Pattern: generally thin and short;

Crack: generally straight, deep, long, can be nailed to the surface;

The degree of influence of cockroaches is not only related to the type of cockroaches, but also to the size, number, and location of cockroaches.

Small cotton spots, which are usually inconspicuous, have little effect on the value of jade, and the impact is roughly 5-10%.

Significantly severe cracks have a great impact on the value of jadeite, and the price of jadeite may fall to around 1/10 to the lower without such cockroaches.

5 "heavy"

The weight is also an important factor in choosing jade.

General jade normal size (length, width and thickness) pendant: 40-50/30/6-8 mm; pendant: 15-30/10/4-6 mm;

Bracelet: 56-58/12-15/6.5-7.5 mm; relationship between size and price (some data summarized by experience, not necessarily accurate, we can refer to it)

If a better ice type pendant is 43/28/7 mm, the weight is about 20 grams, and the price is about 10,000;

The size of the same quality jade becomes 35/20/6 mm, the weight is 10 grams, half is half, and the price is about 3-4 thousand;

The size of the same quality jade becomes 28/15/5 mm, the weight is 5 grams, and the smaller is half, the price is about 1 thousand;

And so on, the price of the same variety 2.5 grams is about 3-4 hundred, 1.2 grams is one hundred, 40 grams is more than 30,000...

6 "work"

The craftsmanship of jadeite includes the proportion of jadeite, polishing and polishing, and design creativity.

Modeling ratio: accurate shape, proper proportion, smooth lines are good engravings, otherwise it is not;

Grinding and polishing: required to be flat, uniform and bright;

Design creativity: Good creative design is to make full use of the material characteristics, beautifully designed and distinctive;

Good craftsmanship: exquisite carving;

Normal process: proper proportion and neatness;

Poor process: the shape is not accurate, the lines are rusty, and the grinding is not good;

For the selection of common jade, usually the first five factors (color, water, species, sputum, weight) can be used, because most of the jade crafts are not so different, but for high-grade, collector-grade jade Different, deep-seated collectors or investors generally attach great importance to work.

It should be reminded that if you buy jadeite or jewellery in any market, you must purchase it from a reputable brand store or shopping mall. To purchase jade and jade as consumers, you must have a jewelry appraisal certificate issued by a quality inspection authority. Or quality inspection certificates, such as the National Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the provincial and municipal quality supervision jewelry inspection centers, and so on.  

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