Combined air conditioning unit

Unit overview:
ZK series combined air conditioning unit is designed and developed according to the national standard of GB/T14294 "Combined air conditioning unit". The product is a device for heating, cooling, humidifying, purifying and conveying air. The refrigerant is chilled water (refrigerated water type) or refrigerant (direct evaporating type), the heat medium is water or steam, and the functional section is a combined unit. It can be combined according to actual needs and has various functions. It can meet the needs of air purification and regulation systems in all walks of life. This product is suitable for large and medium-sized public buildings such as gymnasiums, hospitals, office buildings and restaurants with centralized cold and heat sources. Comfortable air conditioners and industrial air conditioners with special requirements for air handling such as textiles, chemical fibers, cigarettes, electronic meters, and pharmaceuticals.
working principle:
Cooling mode: The refrigerant passes through the air cooler; at the same time, the return air (or fresh air) from the indoors is cooled and cooled after passing through the air cooler (or evaporator), and the treated cold air is sent into the room by the indoor side fan.
Heating mode: The heat medium passes through the surface cooler; at the same time, the return air (or fresh air) coming from the room is heated and heated by the air cooler (or condenser), and the treated hot air is sent into the room by the indoor side fan.
Unit features:
1. The unit adopts modular design and flexible configuration, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The unit is factory-segmented, and only the segments and segments can be connected on site. The assembly on site does not require welding and cutting, and the assembly is very quick and easy.
2. The beam and column of the unit are all made of aluminum alloy reinforced structure. The door panel adopts double-panel structure; the outer panel is electrostatically sprayed, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, with bright colors and beautiful appearance.
3. The unit's thermal insulation material is made of hard polyurethane foam with international advanced level. The thermal conductivity is less than 0.0202W/mk, and the thermal insulation performance is excellent. The beam and column of the unit have been specially treated to avoid surface condensation.
4. The supporting fan of this unit is the newly developed high-efficiency low-noise centrifugal fan, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the unit and reduces the size of the unit's external line; the belt is dust-free.
5. ZK series unit heat exchangers (surface coolers, heaters) are manufactured by the introduction of the US OAK heat exchanger production line. With international advanced level; heat exchanger design using computer optimization method, first-class design calculation method, first-class production and manufacturing process to ensure the high efficiency of the heat exchanger. The utility model overcomes the shortcomings of low heat exchange efficiency of the domestic combined air conditioner unit and low water temperature difference between the inlet and outlet (<5°C). The steam heater is a copper tube sleeve aluminum fin air heat exchanger, which overcomes the short life of the SRZ heater. The disadvantage of being difficult to clean.
6. The air inlet and outlet of the unit can be equipped with dampers according to customer requirements (described in order).
7. This unit adopts various air filters with international advanced level, so that the short filter has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance, detachable, easy to clean and easy to replace the filter material.
8. The unit can be equipped with primary, medium and high-efficiency filters, deodorization and disinfection equipment according to the needs of users, which can meet the needs of different air-conditioned rooms;
9. The unit combines the relevant functional sections into one functional section, thereby reducing the overall shape of the unit and reducing the floor space of the entire unit without changing the function of the unit.
Model description:
1. Right air conditioner: When the person faces the operation surface, the airflow flows to the right as a right air conditioner, indicated by Y.
2. Left air conditioner: When the person faces the operation surface, the airflow flows to the left as a left air conditioner, indicated by Z.
Model example: ZK5Y represents a combined air conditioning unit with a nominal cooling capacity of 5000 m3/h.
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'Combined air conditioning unit

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