Hainan crane manufacturers - Haikou production cranes continue to increase influence

The machinery industry is China's largest industrial sector. In 2011, China's machinery industry realized a total industrial output value of 16.89 trillion yuan. At present, China's construction machinery sales and sales have surpassed the United States, Japan, and Germany, ranking first in the world. China's construction machinery self-sufficiency rate has increased from about 70% during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period to more than 80% at present, and gradually realized from manufacturing to creation. Hainan Taishan Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells CD1, MD1 type 0.25 T. - 32 T electric hoist, LD type 1T - 20T electric single beam crane, LX electric single beam suspension crane, 1T-440T double girder bridge crane, gantry crane, grab, bridge machine and other road and bridge engineering equipment and All kinds of non-standard lifting equipment, preferential supply of all kinds of accessories and complete sets of lifting appliances, contract transformation, installation and other services, variety, price concessions. 24-hour hotline; 13518821597
Company Name; Hainan Taishan Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Contact person; Liu Yuzhong mobile phone; 13518821597

Company email;

Company website; http://toishon.chinawj.com.cn

Company Address; Qiuhai Avenue, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

1. Use Surface Mount System to install electron component. High quality stable and more quality consistency.

2. Pass germany TUV testing, have EMC and LVD certificate.

3. The AC input power voltage is made between 85V to 240V. So it could select AC input voltage automatically. You could work in AC USA 110V or AC europe 220-240V.

4. CEL: Cellulose electrode is special electrode to lay big pipe on oil and chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, civil pipeline of oil, gas, water. They need high ilder voltage (more than 90V). This machine could do

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