Wallpapers and wallpapers to create different rooms

Wallpapers of different materials and patterns, suitable for different spaces and accessories, how to match them properly:

Elegant expression: delicate pattern + elegant solid color

Applicable space: living room, bedroom, study, bathroom,

Furniture and accessories: European style, but to avoid the complexity and thickness of creating an elegant and warm indoor environment, the use of exquisite, retro-patterned wallpaper to make the bottom is the most ideal shortcut.

The patterns of such style wallpapers are mostly composed of flowers and birds, but they are not complicated, and they are decorated with elegant and steady solid colors. The good taste of the owner is presented in the first time. The use of flower-patterned wallpaper in the living room is actually a bold attempt. In order not to weaken the atmosphere and steady temperament that the living room should have, the background color of the wallpaper should be neutral and cool, so it will not be too soft. buoyant.

The bedroom and study are relatively private areas, the area is generally not too large, the tone here is all based on the owner's personal preferences, if it is quiet, introverted temperament, elegant wallpaper is undoubtedly a wise choice, in a light, soothing environment It is also good for relaxing. In order to avoid the messiness caused by the pattern, a partial collage can be used. The dark red diamond on the tile in the shower screen has a visual transition to the exterior wallpaper, and the two materials are ingeniously blended. A comfortable bathroom has a long-lasting attraction for us. The root of the magic - the use of excellent brand sanitary ware, the rendering of the atmosphere is equally important.

Tiles and mosaics are bright, but why not change the way to use the wallpapers that were originally only used in the living room. The cold space is filled with warmth and richness. The air begins to condense in the warmth and warmth. Anxious emotions.

Tiles or mosaics are indispensable materials even in the bathroom as a whole. In order to avoid visual interference in a small space, the color of the wallpaper and the tile should be unified in similar colors, or both have the same color block, so that the materials with different differences can be naturally connected.

Larger kitchens can be vacated with a wall completely decorated with wallpaper, and the hard work of cooking is released in such a "luxury".

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