Will the increase in natural gas prices affect the cost of Taowei's business?

Will the increase in natural gas prices affect the cost of Taowei's business? According to the announcement issued by the National Development and Reform Commission on June 28, the price of natural gate stations in the country after natural gas price adjustments has increased by 15%. The program will be implemented from July 10, 2013. Main contents: 1. Separate inventory gas and incremental gas; 2. Adjust natural gas price management as a door station link; 3. Increase incremental valve station price in one step and increase the price of stock valve station.

Taowei enterprises love and hate natural gas. China's building ceramics companies currently use coal, heavy oil, and water gas as the main fuels. In people's minds, “high pollution, high consumption, high emissions” and the building ceramic industry go hand in hand, “three highs”. Affect the sustainable development of the industry. In order to change the pollution, many local governments have formulated policies that require companies to reduce the use of coal and encourage or support enterprises to use more clean energy. In the industry, promoting the use of clean energy has also become a consensus among people of insight. Natural gas has thus come into sight.

As a “clean and environmentally friendly energy source”, natural gas has no impact on human health, environmental pollution of the production of carbon dioxide* and phenol water during its use, and it can also reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 80%–90% and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 52%. Therefore, it has been widely promoted, and the government has played an important role in the promotion process.

On the other hand, the combustion of natural gas is stable and the combustion is full and relatively pure. The quality of the fired product is superior to that of a coal-fired kiln, and the energy efficiency is greatly improved in production.

The application status and prospects of natural gas in the building ceramics industry have received much attention. As a clean energy and high calorific value fuel, natural gas has great advantages in energy conservation and emission reduction, but ceramic companies are "emotionally complex" to them. The use of natural gas has caused production costs to increase, worries about rising gas prices, and so on, allowing ceramic companies to love and hate natural gas.

The rise in natural gas prices will further increase the cost of ceramic production. It will undoubtedly increase the burden on the development of enterprises. The impact on the industry will also be far-reaching. For some companies that will convert natural gas production, it will also It will allow them to reconsider the "increasing" cost issue.

The Taowei companies are trying their best to avoid cost difficulties. From the current point of view, the process of natural gas going through in the future is: 1. After the price adjustment, the downstream demand growth will slow down and the upstream supply will increase; 2. The supply and demand situation will gradually ease, and the natural gas price will be the highest from the government. The price limit slowly falls; 3. The downstream demand growth recovers.

Before natural gas prices are lowered, if companies want to avoid the cost predicament brought about by the rise in natural gas, they need to develop their own internal strength and start with the refined management of the production process. First, improve the efficiency of fuel use. Second, To reduce waste, in addition to increasing the added value of the product and increasing the profitability of the company, this will reduce cost pressures.

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