What are the main factors affecting the adsorption of activated alumina products by Tieling Zhengda?

Alumina is a white spherical porous particle with uniform particle size, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, no swelling and no cracking after being absorbed. It is non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and ethanol, and has strong fluorine. Adsorption, mainly used in the defluoridation of drinking water in high-fluorine areas, the main factors affecting the adsorption of activated alumina products

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The main factors affecting the adsorption properties of activated alumina:
(1) Particle size: The smaller the particle size, the higher the adsorption capacity, but the smaller the particle size, the lower the particle strength, which affects its service life.
(2) PH value of raw water: When the pH value is greater than 5, the lower the pH value, the higher the adsorption capacity of activated alumina.
(3) Initial fluorine concentration of raw water: The higher the initial fluorine concentration, the larger the adsorption capacity.
(4) Raw water alkalinity: The concentration of bicarbonate in raw water is high, and the adsorption capacity will decrease.
(4) Chloride and sulfate ions.
(5) Effect of arsenic: Activated alumina has an adsorption effect on arsenic in water. The accumulation of arsenic on activated alumina causes a decrease in the adsorption capacity of fluoride ions, and it is difficult to elute arsenic ions during regeneration.

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Main Technical Parameters of Pellet Activated Carbon
 Index Dia Ash Hardness Density Iodine Water Soluble Ash
Type (mm) (%) (%) (g/L) (mg/g) (%)
HA-0.9 0.9 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-1.5 1.5 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-2.0 2 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-3.0 3 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-4.0 4 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-5.0 5 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-6.0 6 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-7.0 7 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-8.0 8 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5
HA-9.0 9 `5-15 ≥90 300-600 25-125 500-1300 ≤0.5

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