Steaming pot analysis of the finest textile materials, its excellent properties

The steaming pot analyzes the finest textile raw materials. Its excellent characteristics are defined in the Xinhua Dictionary: there are many kinds of herbs, such as hemp, ramie, flax and ramie. The bark fiber is also commonly called "hemp" and can be used to make ropes and woven fabrics.
1.2 Definition of hemp fiber [2]
Cannabis is a perennial herb of the genus Hemp, English name hemp, Latin name Cannabis Salival. Also known as hemp, cold hemp, line hemp, fire hemp, etc., English is hemp, the variety is about 150, generally can be divided into fiber, oil and medicinal cannabis.
1.3 Main features of cannabis Cannabis is China's native hemp, with good natural growth and easy planting. In particular, the cannabis variety in Northeast China is one of the best varieties in the world. Hemp fiber is the environmental fiber with the highest toughness and natural decomposition in natural fiber. It has a history of 5,000 years in China. The excellent indicators of hemp fiber are higher than cotton, linen and ramie, and are the best textile raw materials. Its excellent features are as follows:
Antibacterial and deodorant--Cannabis textiles retain and adsorb cannabinols that kill and inhibit bacteria, so they have anti-mold, antibacterial and deodorizing effects. After testing, the cotton fabric has antibacterial and deodorant properties of 0%, flax is 70%, and cannabis. The fabric is more than 90%.
Moisture wicking--The hemp fiber center has a slender cavity that is connected to many cracks and small holes distributed on the surface of the fiber. The excellent capillary effect makes the hemp fiber moisture-absorbing and venting, and the breathability is particularly good, making people feel comfortable and cool. .
Heat-resistant sound insulation - Hemp fiber has good heat resistance and sound insulation, and can withstand the test of high temperature above 370 °C (3).
Light fastness and anti-corrosion - Hemp fiber has good light fastness, good seawater corrosion resistance and is durable.
High antistatic performance--The hemp fiber has a stable molecular structure, a good orientation of molecular alignment, and extremely low electrostatic generation. Hemp textiles avoid static build-up and do not pilling and absorbing dust due to friction.
The anti-ultraviolet effect is good--the cross-section of hemp fiber is irregular triangle, polygon, etc. The molecular structure is multi-ribular, loose, and has spiral lines, so it has no tingling sensation, and has good UV and sound waves. Dissipation effect.
Strong mechanical and physical properties--hemp fiber has good mechanical and physical properties, its fineness is fine, high strength, but the fiber breaking strength is better than linen, lower than ramie, spinning according to the linen process, theoretically, the number of cannabis fiber can be spun It is thinner than linen and flax. Therefore, if the spinning fineness of hemp fiber is further improved, hemp textiles will become a strong competitor of linen textiles.

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