The latest kitchen decoration issues big exposure know in advance without leaving regret

Regret 1: Regrets about: The refrigerator is in the kitchen and you want to make a horizontal line with the cabinet, at least not protruding too much, but now...

Edit Comment: When I started designing, I only thought of the location of the refrigerator, but I forgot to measure the width of the refrigerator. I could only endure the change of the refrigerator.

Regret 2: The kitchen cabinet has less interior partitions. The regrettable description is that the door made by hand is not exquisite, and the management of the bargains is very messy. Many goods are not serious to the board. Kitchen cabinets have fewer interior partitions, and artificial countertops are not on the board.

Edit Comment: The kitchen cabinets have several layers of partitions inside. That's right.

Regret 3: There are deviations in openings in artificial stone countertops. Unfortunately, there are deviations in the openings of artificial stone countertops, especially under counter basins. Narrow benches, big pots and workers said they could not be installed.

Edit Comment: From the opening position to the support plan must be their own overall planning. Do not trust the worker’s wisdom too much.

Regret 4: First install the cabinets and then install the range hoods to get into trouble. Trouble: After installing the cabinets, install the range hoods. A big mistake! ! Range hoods are a lot more troublesome to install, and the seams between the cabinets are also larger. It is best to install at the same time.

Editor's comment: The more such a trivial matter, the easier it is to ignore it. The owner measures the size before installation and learns from others' experiences.

Regret 5: Easy to dirty when the water switch is turned on. Unfortunately, the basin faucet must be switched on and off with the back of the hand. The type must be kept clean with fingers and it is difficult to turn it with oil.

Edit Comment: If you do not want to change the leader, you can only be more diligent.

Regret 6: The edge line used on the cabinet is too expensive to buy. Unfortunately, the edge line used on the cabinet is best to buy more than a few. If you buy other materials and buy it at the same time, it is impossible to get a good price. This is very profitable. Product, very cheap!

Edit Comment: shop than three from ancient times are all!

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