Paint = paint? Don’t be foolish

Home decoration We often talk about paint and paint. Some people think that paint is paint. Others think that paint and paint are two irrelevant things. These two viewpoints are in fact not quite accurate. There are many similarities between paint and coating, but there are also great differences. The following Xiao Bian talked about what the same and different are they in the end?

First, the definition of paint and paint

In simple terms, paint is a solid coating that can be used to form protective or decorative or insulative, anti-corrosion and other special functions on the surface of objects. It can be divided into liquid or solid materials and belongs to fine chemical products.

Paint refers to the general term for organic solvents or high-solid, solvent-free oil paints.

Second, the difference between paint and paint

A. Most of the early paints used vegetable oil as raw material, so they were named as paints, but now synthetic resins will completely replace vegetable oils. The apparent characteristics of paints are liquid and cannot cover solid paints. coating.

B. Simply put, paint can cover solid powder coatings and liquid paints, but paints can only be liquid paints and cannot be equated with paints. The term paint can cover all types of products in the industry.

C. Nowadays, water-based paints and powder paints are used in a wide range of applications on the market. In particular, architectural paints based on water-based paints account for about 38% of total coatings in China. However, water-based paints and paints have fundamental differences in chemical properties. The nature of the product is also very different, so this type of material is also called paint. Water-based paints and oil (sex) paints should be listed as two different series of liquid paints.

Therefore, paints can be divided into three categories: oil paints, water paints, and powder paints; paints (flowable liquid paints) include oil paints and water paints.

In order to distinguish the relationship between the two, we can clearly see by the following equation:

Water-based paint = water-based paint = green paint

Paint = oil paint = oil paint


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