Why seal the balcony? Shanghai balcony materials and prices

In the home improvement project, the operation of closing the balconies is generally required. Especially in a metropolis like Shanghai, the air quality is not good and the dust is raised seriously, which affects the cleanliness of the interior of the house. Low-occupancy tenants choose to package the balconies for considerations such as safety. Why do you want to seal the balcony? What is the Shanghai balcony material and price ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Why seal the balcony?

1, security

The completely enclosed balcony window was hermetically sealed and the house was protected by an extra layer of protection. In the case that social security could not reach the night without closing the house, a layer of protection was provided. This created an obstacle for the criminals and could play a preventive role. Effective The land guarantees the safety of the family's property.

2, health

In Shanghai, behind the window of the balcony, a layer of dust-blocking windows was added, which helped to block the intrusion of dust and rainwater. The indoor sanitation situation was significantly improved.

3, to expand the scope of use

In the case of relatively tense living conditions, closed balconies can be used as spaces for writing, reading, storing items, and exercising, as well as living spaces. Compared to unsealed balconies, the forms of use are more diverse, increasing the area of ​​use of the living room. It is conducive to taking overall consideration at the time of design, especially in irregular rooms, taking the form of enclosed balconies and carrying out overall design.

Shanghai balcony materials and prices

The main factors influencing Shanghai balcony price are materials and hardware. The main materials (frames and glass) are selected. Of course, the corresponding auxiliary materials (slides and pulleys, slide rails and pulleys have certain impact on the price of the balconies). ).

As the frame material of the enclosed balcony is generally broken bridge, color aluminum, phoenix aluminum, plastic steel, broken bridge is the most expensive price; good aluminum alloy material prices are twice as expensive than the difference, the same thickness of the profile is not the same price is different, 1.4mm thick, 1.2mm thick, 2.0mm thick, 1.0mm thick;

The glass materials of the sealed balconies are single-layered and double-layered (insulating glass), and the double-layered ones are more expensive. The thickness is not the same, there are 5mm thick, 8mm thick, tempered glass per square meter will have dozens of pieces;

In addition, there are accessories, seals (seal price from a few cents to a few dollars, the service life is not the same), after-sales service, etc. are very important.

Concluding remarks: In modern city life, it is necessary to close the balcony to maintain indoor hygiene while ensuring the safety of residents. Sealing the balcony need to see the profiles, glass and accessories and other specific circumstances, choose a good quality and affordable balcony packaging material is fundamental, not for the sake of cheap, buy unqualified products, so as not to lay hidden dangers in the future. The above information about why to seal the balcony and the materials and price of the Shanghai balcony is introduced here. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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