Vicious competition can only drag themselves, not possible to bury opponents

Abstract Zhang Leqi, the general manager of Shanghai Wuzifang Abrasives Co., Ltd., discussed the problem of unfair competition in the industry. It was also signed at the first time of the publication of the Convention against Unfair Competition. We believe that in the long run, encountering low-priced malicious competition, in a short time can...
Zhang Leqi, General Manager of Shanghai Wuzifang Abrasives Co., Ltd.
We have discussed the issue of unfair competition in the industry and signed the first time in the General Assembly’s "Anti-Unfair Competition Convention". We believe that in the long run, encountering low-priced malicious competition may have a certain impact on their own enterprises in a short period of time, but the more they are doing low-cost vicious competition, their anti-risk ability is very weak. When his funds are difficult to return, then the company is in jeopardy. Because his price has been very low, his company has no more energy and funds to make transformation in the development process, including doing some research and development, doing some research exploration, etc. He has no such energy and financial resources. . This is also true from our own practice. We found that the lower the price, the lower the price to grab the market customers, but his growth is not obvious. In recent years, our country has been advocating innovation, and these companies can't keep up with innovation. With the cooperation of new products, new processes and new equipment, the requirements of customers are becoming more and more special, and these innovations must be supported by funds. The funds for this support must come from the profits of the company. It is impossible to innovate from the pockets of their own money, and there is no such person. So in the long run, vicious competition is actually the company dragging itself down, not burying its competitors. It is a double-edged sword. If you hit someone else, you will also be injured. When you hit someone, people are stronger than you, and the injury is only a little bit. If you always do this, the damage to yourself is very big. In this regard, we are still better at grasping ourselves. Wu Zifang has always been in the position of the public leader in Shanghai or East China. It is said that it is good to see the prince’s party. However, we have found that the performance of Wuzifang has not declined. In recent years, it has been growing and benign, and our customers have not been taken away. why? Because we spend all of this money on innovation, R&D and training. Every year, we conduct training, production and sales personnel training from time to time. By sending our employees to regular training institutions for training, our ability to resist risks is growing stronger.

Regarding the safety standards of products. If the company does not encounter any problems, it seems that there is no such standard, but if the company encounters problems, this standard is very important. A few years ago, a product of a colleague had an accident and injured the person in the use unit. He ran over and asked if I had relevant standards. I told him that there was no. As a result, all the responsibilities he assumed were all borne. To be honest, in the abrasives industry, where an accident occurs, it can be said that more than 90% of the users are caused by improper use of the user or protective measures are not in place. The product has some reasons, but it is definitely not the full responsibility, but because he can not get the standard. So he has to take full responsibility, because so much money is in the hands of others. Therefore, we believe that we must formulate product safety standards, use this standard to regulate enterprises and judge disputes. (Speech at the Nanchang Industry Conference Products Committee)

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