What are the benefits of applying long-acting nitrogen fertilizer?

Long-acting nitrogen fertilizer refers to the nitrogen fertilizer that can release nitrogen slowly for a period of time, and supplies the plant with continuous use of nitrogen fertilizer, also known as slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Its characteristics are:
1 After the application, the nitrogen loss is small, and the fertilizer efficiency is long and the utilization rate is high;
2? It can avoid the excessive concentration of fertilizer in the soil and adverse effects on crop growth;
3 reduce the number of fertilization and improve work efficiency;
4 Reducing pollution is conducive to protecting the ecological environment.
With the continuous advancement of the agricultural modernization process, the gradual reduction of the agricultural population, the use of disposable fertilization instead of sub-fertilization will surely be welcomed by the majority of farmers. The intelligent controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer is developed based on this trend. When the base fertilizer is used, the application rate per acre is only 35-45 kg, which can avoid the crop length and the late-ripening of the crop caused by excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer.
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