Campus monitoring program development principles!

How to effectively maintain the order and safety of schools, ensure the smooth progress of school teaching and scientific research work, and create a better security environment for the students' lives and learning has become a major concern for the society.

Follow the principle of advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance, and cost savings. Considering the construction, maintenance and operation factors comprehensively, there is room for expansion for future development, expansion, and reconstruction. The design content of the remote network monitoring system should be systematic, complete, and comprehensive; the design plan must be scientific, reasonable, and operable. And has the following principles:

1, advanced and applicable

The system's technical performance and quality indicators should reach the international leading level; at the same time, the system installation and debugging, software programming and operational use should be easy, easy to grasp, suitable for China's national conditions, to reflect the latest electronic monitoring technology and computer network technology The level of development meets the requirements of the development of the times. At the same time, the system is a system that is used for various management levels. The configuration of its functions should provide the user with comfort, safety, convenience, and speed as the criteria, and its operation should be easy to learn.

2, economic and practical

Fully consider the actual needs of users and the development trend of information technology. According to the user's on-site environment, design and select functions and system configuration solutions that meet the requirements of the user's requirements. Through a rigorous and organic combination, achieve the best performance-cost ratio, so as to save the project Investment, while ensuring the implementation of system functions, is economical and practical.

3, reliability and safety

The design of the system should have high reliability, ensure the accuracy, completeness and consistency of the data after the system failure or the interruption of the accident, and have the function of rapid recovery. At the same time, the system has a complete set of system management strategies. , can guarantee the safe operation of the system.

4, openness

Designing existing mature products as the object, and taking into consideration the status quo of the surrounding information and communication environment and the development trend of the technology, the fire fighting, anti-theft, and concentrating systems can be linked together, with RJ-45 network communication ports and remote control.

5, scalability

The design of the system must take into account the need for future development and use of the technology, with the potential for updates, expansions, and upgrades. And in accordance with the actual requirements of the future project engineering to expand the system functions, at the same time, the program left in the design of redundancy to meet future development requirements.

6, the pursuit of the most optimized system equipment configuration

Under the premise of satisfying users' requirements for functions, quality, performance, price, and service, the system configuration is optimized to minimize system cost.

7, retain enough expansion capacity

The control capacity of the project equipment reserves a certain margin, in order to transform the new control point in the system; the system also reserves the interface to connect with other computers or automation systems; also try to consider the future scientific development and the application of new technologies.

8. Improve supervision and comprehensive management

Project system equipment control requires high efficiency, accuracy and reliability. Through the central control system, the system comprehensively monitors the operation of each subsystem, and dynamically supports surveillance and alarm conditions. Closed-circuit television monitoring greatly reduces labor intensity and reduces equipment operation and maintenance personnel. In addition, the system's integrated and integrated management should enable the equipment to operate optimally and operate under optimal conditions. This can not only save energy, but also greatly reduce equipment losses and reduce equipment. Maintenance costs to improve supervision and comprehensive management.

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