Introduction to Adding Plastic Antistatic Agents

By adding an antistatic agent, the surface hygroscopicity of the product is increased to form a monolayer conductive film, thereby accelerating the leakage of static charges. The conventional internal additive type antistatic agents are mostly low molecular compounds, and the durability is not satisfactory; permanent polymer antistatic agents have been developed at home and abroad.

Another durable antistatic method is to suitably incorporate a hydrophilic resin into the hydrophobic matrix resin to form a microphase separation structure. The hydrophilic polymer component aggregates on the surface of the plastic and forms a continuous layered distribution to form a discharge path, thereby achieving an antistatic effect. The hydrophilic polymer resin is currently a copolymer of polyethylene oxide (PEO). .

Shaker screen:When it comes to a solid control system on any type of drilling equipment, the shale shaker is arguably the most important pieces of equipment. With drilling fluid being so important to maintaining drill performance, being able to utilize fluid efficiently is crucial. A shale shaker is what separates any drilling liquid, commonly referred to as mud, from solids, also known as cuttings. On a shale shaker, one of the most important components is the Shale Shaker Screen. The shale shaker screen is actually what separates liquids from solids so having the correct screen can determine how effective drilling equipment operates.The shale shaker screen is a mesh screen that is created out of woven metal that goes inside the shale shaker. Whenever solids or cuttings are produced from drilling equipment, they are coated in drilling liquid. When those cuttings are shaken over shale shaker screens, the screen is able to capture all of the solid particles and allow any excess mud to drip through the screen where it can then be deposited back into the tank.

Oil Shale Shaker Screen Series

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