Correction method of mold defects in injection plastic production process

In the plastic production process, various causes have caused various defects of various products. The following are common product defects and solutions:

1. Deformation: The product is deformed when the mold is released. There are mold temperature, material temperature, high temperature, insufficient holding time and residual stress. The product wall thickness and shrinkage are uneven, and the gate position is improper. Improper position of the ejector pin, the result of the sticking mold, etc. must be considered in the design.

2, break: too much material or filler, too small and too small ejector pin, too fast top speed, too low material temperature, sticky mode, too small gap caused by vacuum, etc., inserts with inserts are not enough preheating Will cause cracks. A few products have to be annealed to eliminate stress.

3, wear: the draft is too small, the demoulding is difficult, the verticality is not good, there is processing residue in the wear, such as the burr at the corner of the cavity after the grinder, the roughness is too large, etc., it is easy to solve. The bubble temperature is too low, too high, the wall thickness is too wide or too thick, the moisture is too high, containing solvents or volatiles, the pressure is too large, the exhaust is not smooth, and the injection cycle is too long, causing the plastic to decompose in the barrel.

4, flash: the clamping pressure is not enough for the injection pressure, the template is deformed, the closure is not tight, the temperature is too high, the core cavity gap is too large, the position is offset.

5, marking: plastic overheating decomposition, the pressure is too low, the flow channel, gate is too small and improper position, or the gate design is unfair, the spray occurs, the plastic is not fully dry. The temperature is too low to form ripples during filling. Weld seam weld marks are difficult to avoid when multiple cores are broken. The temperature and injection speed are fairly controlled, and the gate and exhaust overflow positions are designed to improve the appearance of the product.

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