Class II medium X7R-AC series axial monolithic capacitor

Class II medium X7R-AC series axial monolithic capacitor

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Class II medium X7R-AC series axial monolithic capacitors---Features and applications, ordering requirements, main technical indicators
1. Product Features and Applications: These products are small in size, large in capacity, suitable for automatic installation of rolls (woven) with packaging; epoxy resin packaging, which has excellent moisture resistance, mechanical strength and heat resistance.
1.1, media type Class II media
Class II
1.2, characteristics It has a high dielectric constant and can be made higher in capacity than a class I capacitor and has stable temperature characteristics.
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1.3, application It is suitable for circuits with wide capacity range and low stability requirements, such as DC blocking, coupling, bypass and frequency discrimination.
2, ordering needs (please specify the following parameters, in order to accurately confirm the specifications and models, other parameters are not specified can be directly contact confirmation 0758-6182388-802)
2.1, dielectric materials X7R(B)
2.2, the temperature range of use: _55°C~+125°C
2.3, electrostatic capacity range: 100pF~22uF
2.4, capacity tolerance error: K=±10%
2.5, rated voltage (UR): 25VDC, 50VDC, 100VDC, 1000VDC, etc.
2.6, pitch size: 2.54MM, 5.08MM, etc.
2.7, pitch size: 3.5MM~28MM
2.8, packaging method: Bulk packaging, braiding (cassette packaging, roll box packaging)
2.9, environmental standards: ROHS six items, REACH84 items
3. Main technical indicators
3.1, reference standards: GB2693
3.2, capacity test standards: Tested at 1KHZ, Vrms=1.0V, 25°C±2°C, the capacity is within the tolerance
3.3, loss angle tangent test standard: Tested at 1KHZ, Vrms=1.0V, 25°C±2°C, the loss reaches the specified standard; DF≤3.5%
3.4, withstand voltage (Ut) test standards: Ut=2.5UR (apply 2.5 times rated voltage for 1-5 seconds (charge and discharge current below 50MA), no abnormality)
3.5. Insulation resistance test standard: Apply a voltage of ±3% of rated voltage. When the charge and discharge current is 50MA, the test time is 60S, IR reaches the specified standard: C≤25NF IR.≥4000MΩ, C>25NF CR≥100Ω×F

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Product Pvc Uncoated Card Overlay Film


Width max<1430mm
Packing PE film+kraft paper+pallet
Color  transparent
Supply Ability 5000 tons/month
Material 100% virgin Japan or Taiwan material
Delivery time Within 15 days after deposit


Payment term

30% deposit,balance within 7 days after BL copy


ISO 9001  ;SGS;TUV

PVC uncoated card overlay film package: 



Our company adopts the protection angle of the paper shell imported from Taiwan, which can ensure the integrity of the goods to the maximum extent in the transportation process.

Paper tube Core:76MM 
Paper tube thickness: 10mm
Paper tube port: No burrs and shredded paper are allowed. It is not allowed to stick with tape. Both ends of the paper tube are flush with the product.
Weight: 1kg

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