JA Solar's "Maple Leaf" Photovoltaic Cell Conversion Efficiency of 18.5%

JA Solar's "Maple Leaf" Photovoltaic Cell Conversion Efficiency of 18.5%

According to JA Solar Holdings Limited, the world's largest solar photovoltaic cell panel manufacturer, its cell conversion efficiency has reached 18.5%, and then the company's stock price hit a new high in three weeks.

In a statement issued today, Jinao said that Maple polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells made by the company have been put into large-scale production. Its conversion efficiency level has been ahead of the average conversion efficiency of polysilicon cells by 16.8%.

"This is a milestone," said Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James & Associates Inc. High-efficiency products certainly have certain advantages, while others are basically the same. This is absolutely an important factor for residential rooftop PV systems.

Sun Power, the second largest manufacturer of photovoltaic panels in the United States, has been working to make high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. The company spokesperson Helen Kendrick said in an email that the conversion efficiency of its products is a minimum of 22.4%, while the conversion efficiency from laboratory tests is 24.%.

The conversion rate is critical for residential PV projects. Compared to large utility power plants, high-efficiency panels can generate more power and take up less space. Molchanov believes that if a photovoltaic farm is built in the Mojave desert, then saving a few acres of land is meaningless.

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