The central bank reported that nearly 70% of residents believe that prices are high

The central bank released its fourth-quarter depositors’ questionnaire report yesterday, showing that China’s macroeconomic fever continues to decline. Prices make nearly 70% of residents feel unbearable, but once considered to be the investment’s preferred real estate, the heat has for the first time retreated to second place.

Nearly 70% of residents believe that price is difficult to accept. The central bank data show that although residents' satisfaction with current prices has increased slightly from the previous quarter and the same period of last year, 68.7% of residents still believe that prices are too high to accept.

It is worth noting that after the introduction of a series of policies such as curbing house prices and stabilizing vegetable prices, China's price growth rate has been controlled. The data shows that the residents whose prices are expected to increase in the next quarter account for a sharp drop of 12.8 percentage points from the previous quarter to 36.8%.

In addition, residents' income perception index for the current period, that is, residents' satisfaction with the current income situation is in the lower range above the 50% threshold, which is 50.9%, which is a 0.5 percentage point increase from the previous quarter, indicating that residents are not optimistic about their income.

Residents' willingness to purchase houses is approaching the lowest point. Real estate investment has been regarded as the best investment direction by the investment community. With the implementation of the "restricted purchase" policy and the cooling down of house prices, it has begun to "recover fever". Funds and wealth management products have replaced real estate and become residents' new investment. .

According to central bank data, the proportion of residents who prefer “real estate investment” is 16.5%, a sharp drop of 7.1 percentage points from the previous quarter and 6 percentage points lower than that of residents who prefer “investment funds and wealth management products”. Bond investment and stock investment ranked 3rd and 4th respectively.

In addition, the current real estate market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, real estate control effectiveness highlights. The data shows that residents who have the intention to purchase a house in the next three months account for 13.9%, which is a slight decrease of 0.3% from the previous quarter and close to the lowest point since monitoring.

The macroeconomic heat index continues to fall. In addition, bankers and entrepreneurs are cautious about the current macroeconomic fever. According to the report of the Central Bank, the macroeconomic heat index continued to fall, falling below the critical value of 50% for 48% for the first time in two years. In general, this index is above 50%, reflecting that the indicator is in a good or expanding state; less than 50%, reflecting that the indicator is in a poor or contracting state.

What followed was a decline in bank loan demand. The report shows that the demand for loans from the real estate industry and the construction industry as well as agriculture, manufacturing, and non-manufacturing industries has declined from the previous quarter.

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