Smart glass

This glass is made using the principle of electrochromism. It is very popular in the decoration of some cities in the United States and Germany. The characteristic of smart glass is that when the sun is at noon, the window facing south will automatically dim as the amount of sunlight increases, at the same time, The other facing windows under the shadows begin to brighten. After installing the smart window, people don't have to wear a dark color or a mechanical hood to cover the sun. In the harsh winter, this north-facing smart window can provide 70% of the solar radiation for the building and the warmth of diffuse sunlight. At the same time, buildings equipped with color-changing glass can reduce the energy required for heating and cooling by 25%, 60% of lighting, and 30% of peak power demand.

Usually made of wood, ceramic, or plastic. Springerle moulds are the oldest examples of such, and are popular for Scottish shortbread. A cookie mould typically has an ornate design debossed into the surface; the mould is pressed into the cookie dough to produce an embossed design. These moulds may be flat disks or may be in the shape of a rolling pin.

Cookies Mold

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