Jiangyou Hardware Global Market Radiation Sichuan Market

Recently learned that China Resources Hengda International Trade City Global Building Materials Hardware Building was put into operation in Sichuan, Jiangyou, as a one-stop shopping center and wholesale base of building materials hardware, the project will radiate the entire northwest Sichuan market.

According to reports, China Resources Hengda International Trade City Global Building Materials Hardware investment of about 250 million yuan, covers an area of ​​103 acres, building area of ​​over 80,000 square meters, there are more than 500 domestic and foreign building materials brand business stationed, business category covers ceramic stone, Sanitary Ware wood, hardware paint, cabinet closet, fabric wallpaper, lighting appliances and other varieties.

Stores use direct sales model, through direct sales, shorten the product transaction chain, reduce transaction costs, and achieve direct connection between high-quality merchants and end customers. Fan Xiaoqing, chairman of Sichuan Zhongrunyuan State, stated that the global distribution of Zhongrun Evergrande International Trade City's building materials hardware has become the largest, most branded and most concentrated professional market in the region, which has broken the traditional single-function market and scattered layout. Bring a true one-stop market for the people.

The function of the Swing Motor is to engage with the large gear ring of the rotary support and drive the boarding system to rotate so that the whole working device can work within 360 degrees.

Packaging Details: 
1. According to orders,pack the spare parts one by one by oil paper; 
2. Put them into small carton boxes one by one; 
3. Put the packed small carton boxes into bigger carton boxes one by one; 
4. Put the bigger carton boxes into wooden boxes if necessary especially for the shipments by sea. 
5. goods is packed by oil paper and plastic bags inside 
6. using wooden case package. 
7. we support the custom-made demand for package

Swing Motor

Swing Motor

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