Design and layout of home decoration balcony

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1 How to decorate the balcony?

Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, clothes, drying, etc., are naturally some of the functions of the balcony. But in addition to these, potted plants and flowers, to make life more beautiful, is also an important potential function of the balcony can not be ignored. In order to prevent the sun in the midsummer season, you can use a relatively solid textile to make an awning. The awning itself not only has a decorative effect, but also shields the wind and rain. The awning can also be made with bamboo curtains and curtains. The awning should be made to be up and down or retractable to adjust the area, location and angle of the sun as needed. At the same time, the room on the side of the balcony can be protected from strong sunlight, forming a comfortable environment for indoor work and rest. A balcony for rest and dining, a small amount of furniture is still necessary. Due to the size of the balcony and the weight of the balcony, the furniture on the balcony should be made of lightweight folding furniture. The balcony is the most suitable place for family to grow a variety of flowers and plants. Potted plants can be placed on the balcony slab, but safety should be taken. A guardrail should be added to prevent the flower pot from falling and hurting people. Vertical ropes, plastic pipes, etc. can also be set up to plant plants such as grapes and ivy, which have the ability to climb. On the one hand, the balcony is beautified, and the summer season can be used to block the sunlight. In addition to the role of green plants, flowers, etc. to decorate the balcony, the side wall and floor of the balcony are also the focus of decorative beautification. For example, ceramic wall hangings, hanging plates, sculptures and other decorations with decorative charm can be placed on the neat side wall, and some partition walls can also be made in the form of a shelf for placing decorative objects. On the smooth and elegant wall, weaving can also be used as a decoration for the woven fabric made of firewood, grass, hoe, brown, hemp, corn husk, etc. The floor of the balcony can be decorated with old carpet or other materials. Add comfort when walking.

If the family housing is relatively tight and the balcony needs to be completely closed and arranged into a child's bedroom or study room, it will be skillfully conceived to make it practical and beautiful. Even if the balcony is used as a storage space for the family, it is necessary to design the decoration and decoration according to the actual situation and the conditions of the balcony. It is forbidden to "double indoors and outdoors", which is not suitable for the interior decoration. At present, the houses are generally unlit on the balcony. Once at night, the balcony is hidden in the darkness, so a balcony light should be installed on the balcony. If there is a wall between the balcony door and the balcony window, you can install a wall lamp. The installation height should be 1.8-2m from the ground. It is best to use glass lamps that are not afraid of the sun and rain. If there is no wall between the door and the window, A ceiling lamp with a white cover can be installed at the bottom of the upper balcony. Since the balcony light is only used for lighting at rest, it is not necessary to be too bright, and the switch of the lamp should be installed indoors.

2 How to use the balcony?

The balcony is an extension of the interior of the building, and it is also a transition between the indoor space and the external space. It is a place where the occupants breathe fresh air, dry clothes, and place potted plants. By making people stay at home, they can exchange emotions with nature. To use the balcony, you must first pay attention to safety, and you should not store too heavy debris on the balcony. The flower pot should not be placed on the countertop of the balcony slab, so as not to accidentally fall down and hurt people. In order to facilitate the drying of clothes, you can hang the clothes sill on the top of the balcony, or you can extend the clothes rack on the balcony. Now there is a manual lifting rack on the market, put down the traction rope, can hang and collect the farm Things, tighten the traction rope, the clothes hangers rise to the upper space of the balcony, does not affect people's activities on the balcony, more convenient. It is also possible to install some simple and lightweight fitness equipment on the balcony, and use the balcony as a place for fitness and entertainment. In addition, the owner of the tight house often changes the balcony to a small study, a small bedroom, a children's room, and the like. To decorate the balcony into a bedroom, it is best to put the bedding away during the day so that the balcony can be fully utilized.

3 What are the pros and cons of closing a balcony?

The balcony is closed or not. According to the function of the balcony, the closed balcony means that the original function of the balcony is lost, especially the south-facing balcony. The enclosed balcony simply expands the indoor use area. In the event of an accident, a good life-saving passage will be lost. In addition, the enclosed balcony will provide the thief with access to the room from the balcony.

However, sometimes the closed balcony (with glass windows) also has its advantages, which can not only isolate or reduce the interference of urban noise to the indoor environment, but also contribute to the creation of a good microclimate in the indoor space (balcony window, floor-mounted floor door). It can reduce air conditioning load and save energy. Therefore, whether the balcony is closed or not should be determined according to the specific circumstances. It cannot be cut across the board, but one thing is certain: the balcony is closed with iron grille. On the surface, it seems safe and reliable. In fact, this is not a wise move.

4 How to green the balcony?

Greening the balcony. It can not only beautify the living space environment, but also help to improve the microclimate of indoor space. Balcony greening is an important part of urban vertical greening. At the corner of the balcony, a flower trough or pot rack can be set. Planting a variety of flowers and trees according to the local climate and everyone's hobbies. The types of flowers and trees, both evergreen bonsai and four seasons of flowers; both green onion leaves and drought-tolerant bulbs; some soft hanging, some stretching and extension; some can be ornamental, some It can bear fruit and form a small garden. For summer sunshade, you can grow morning glory, honeysuckle, grapes, etc., and pull the string on the east or west side of the balcony to let them climb up to form a green barrier, which not only forms a three-dimensional greening, but also reduces the indoor temperature. . The north balcony can also be potted and placed with some shade-tolerant plants such as evergreen, kaffir, orchid, and sea bream, which will make the balcony look extraordinarily fresh and elegant.

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