Huangjia green jade shopping method

Huangjia green jade shows its unique charm because of its rare existence and color mystery. As a high-grade jade favored by people, the precious and rare of Huangjia Green is self-evident. Therefore, in the jade market, Huangjia Green Jade The prices are relatively high, so buy Huangjia Green Jade carefully to buy.

First of all, when we buy yellow plus green jade, we must first identify whether the purchased jade is yellow plus green jade, because there are many B+C jadeites on the market, which are made of yellow and green colors. In appearance, yellow-green B+C jade is very similar to yellow plus green jade, so in the purchase is to first identify whether the purchase is yellow plus green jade.

Huangjia green jade double dragon play beads pendant  

Huangjia green jade is the jade that wins with color. Its bright color is the biggest highlight of jade, so buy yellow plus green jade and pay attention to whether the color of yellow and green jade is pure, yellow and green are bright and bright, contrast Strong, the high color saturation of the yellow plus green jade is higher, and the larger the color distribution area, the higher the price of yellow plus green jade, so the purchase of such yellow plus green jade will have more Good visual beauty, there is more room for appreciation.

Finally, don't ignore the water of the yellow and green jade, the fine jade texture of the water, the water head and the spirituality. A good water and yellow plus green jade can better reflect the color of yellow and green jade.

Therefore, when we purchase yellow plus green jade, we should choose a good yellow and green jade with good water, good yellow and green jade meat with fine water, good appearance, more vivid color contrast, and a large space for preservation and appreciation. .

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