Don't let "pseudo-smart" Tianjin anti-theft locks hang you

Some studies have pointed out that smart door locks have matured in the B-side market in the past few years, and that the C-end market will usher in an explosion since 2018. If such a conclusion is not intuitive enough, at least two data can indicate that the spring of intelligent door locks is approaching. First, since 2015, sales of home smart door locks are increasing at a rate of 100% every year. Second, it is expected that By the end of 2017, there will be 1,000 new smart door lock companies in China. The above two signs are enough to show that the supply and demand sides are heating up the industry.
Double 11 is arguably China's most popular shopping carnival in the past two years. This year's "Double 11" heat is still not reduced from previous years, even more than in previous years. In just 24 hours, Tmall ended its sales with 168.2 billion yuan, while Jingdong’s sales also reached a historic record of 127.1 billion yuan.
In this carnival, many smart lock companies also come to join in the excitement and take the opportunity to engage in promotions. In particular, some enterprises for their own interests, shoddy, allowing consumers to only spend a few hundred dollars to buy a "smart lock", and fingerprints, passwords, etc. can be unlocked, looks and thousands of pieces There is nothing different about money.
So, let many users feel that they have earned. However, according to the current industry's overall cost level, the terminal price at least in the 1500 or so to buy a qualified smart lock, and a well-known brand at least two or three thousand or more. So, how many hundreds of smart locks are really a real smart lock? Its quality and the company's after-sales can be guaranteed?
Therefore, there will be a lot of user questions: the same smart lock, why some sell a few thousand, and some only sell a few hundred? Today, Xiao Bian came to tell you where exactly are the hundreds and thousands of smart locks?
Brands are accumulated over a long period of time. Once a certain degree of popularity and reputation is formed, they will increase the added value of the company's products. Therefore, no matter what industry is in the price, brand-name products are much higher than non-brand-name products. Because, the high price that brand-name products sell must bring corresponding value to users.
In the smart lock industry, most of the products that can sell thousands of products are brands that have been accumulated for more than ten years or even decades, or brands that have been worked hard in recent years. They are guaranteed in both quality and safety. .
A smart lock that sells for only a few hundred dollars may seem cheap, but it is a small brand of small workshops, or new brands that use low-price competition as a means to snatch the market. It is far from production, testing, and other equipment. Far behind the industry name brand, so the low cost, low quality, of course, the price is low.
Quality is the life of the company's development. This principle seems simple, but it is not so easy to do. After all, high quality must pay a high cost. Therefore, no matter in which industry, high-priced products must have quality that can afford high prices.
Many users think that it is not a lock? High-priced and low-priced smart locks look the same, and there is no need to spend so much money to buy a lock. So it took several hundred to buy a smart lock from a certain treasure, but it will take a long time to produce various problems. It may be that the fingerprint cannot be swiped, or that it consumes a lot of power, or it may be a fake fingerprint. Various problems followed.
And thousands of smart locks, whether from the purchase of raw materials, production processes and factory testing, each process is strictly required to ensure that each product will not be listed after the lack of quality defects. And these are a few hundred dollars smart lock brands difficult to do.
With the ever-increasing demand for consumer services, customers have also put forward higher requirements for the quality and content of services. In particular, smart locks that need to be installed and debugged after they are sold are more important for after sales and service.
Many users responded and spent a few hundred dollars on a certain treasure to buy a smart lock. It will take a long time for problems to occur. However, when finding a solution, most businesses do not make excuses to shirk their responsibilities or delay and even direct Play missing.
The smart lock brand of a few thousand dollars not only has a 24-hour service hotline, but also guarantees an answer or solution within 72 hours after the product has a problem. Some companies even purchased insurance for each user.
Many young people who want to buy smart locks are directed at the words "smart". Because smart locks are an important part of smart homes, not only do they have more fingerprints, faces, irises, passwords, etc. in their opening methods, they are more convenient to use, and they can also interconnect with other smart home products.
At present, a few hundred dollars of smart locks on the market can only be regarded as "pseudo-smart locks," but they are just more fingerprints or passwords than traditional mechanical locks, and cannot be connected with other smart home products. Because it is necessary to implement connection with other smart home products, it is necessary to add corresponding modules, which will undoubtedly increase the cost, so it is obviously impossible for the smart lock brand to reduce costs to achieve this. Therefore, the smart lock bought for several hundred dollars is actually an electronic lock.
The thousands of smart locks, in order to improve the user experience, but also to meet the development trend of smart home, of course, will not violate the development trend in order to reduce costs. Therefore, the smart lock of a few thousand yuan not only realizes the connection with other smart home objects, but also realizes remote monitoring and dialogue between humans and smart locks, and improves the interaction between the insider and the lock.
Conclusion After a simple comparison, it can be seen that the smart lock for several hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars is not only the price, but also the brand, quality, service and so on. It is also possible that the few hundred dollars bought back is not a smart lock, but an endless array of troubles. Therefore, to buy smart locks must be bright eyes, do not buy an unqualified "pseudo smart lock" back.


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