Top Ten Mistakes in Buying Smart Locks How to Buy Smart Locks

Smart locks bring great convenience to people's lives. In order to attract consumers, smart lock manufacturers can't avoid exaggeration when promoting their own products. Therefore, when buying smart locks, we must avoid the following ten errors: .

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Smart lock ten errors

Misunderstanding 1: Biometric Fingerprint Lock, Iris, Face Recognition, etc

The smart lock of biometric identification has his technological advancement stage. When science and technology are more and more advanced today, his advanced nature is also increasingly challenged. Fingerprints and other biometrics are more and more simple in the reproduction of biometrics, using biometric recognition. Anti-theft of technology is in effect useless. In other words, the tangible encryption and decryption technology urgently needs the support of new advanced technologies. Before the application of new technologies, his security is still not reliable. In addition, the structure of most traditional smart locks represented by fingerprint locks also has serious security risks. The physical structure does not have the ability to prevent breakage and open, and spare mechanical locks have become a serious safety hazard. Of course, there are also thought that there are not many fingerprint locks stolen. This is true. The anti-theft locks are just in case. The chances of being stolen are very few, but in case of spirit and material The loss cannot be supplemented.

Misunderstanding 2: The higher the mechanical lock level, the higher the security

Due to the serious misdirection of merchants, consumers lack the scientific understanding of the safety of mechanical anti-theft locks. They all think that the higher the anti-theft level, the greater the security. In fact, the level of anti-theft is only to display his level of anti-theft in a certain degree, because this is directly related to the scientific nature of the detection tools of our door detection standards, of course, consumers do not understand. Two important indicators of the current definition of anti-theft locks in China are: first, anti-technological open time; second, anti-destructive open time. There is no problem with the two indicators themselves. The problem lies in the tools for detection. At present, China still uses artificial detection methods to test, and when people also affect the fairness of the results. This is what many businesses currently tell you are super B-class, with the level to replace the performance of the product which is the biggest consumer of the market. Actually, the anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock core depends on: first, the material of the lock nail, the tougher the material is, the better, the second, the structure of the lock core, each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, a combination of several different structures Far better than a single structure, the third, the accuracy of processing, the higher the accuracy the better the performance. The keys are dark and light, with obvious dimensions, sharp edges, different patterns, and smooth materials. The quality must be higher. To make a look is the goods on the roadside stalls, the quality must be a problem.

Misunderstanding 3: The more functions, the better

Many businesses have been emphasizing their own powerful features, so that consumers think that the more features the smart lock the better. The quality of a good smart lock depends on his key features, depending on the user's actual experience. Many more functions, product failures, unstable performance, high uncertainty and uncertainty, the user's experience must not work. Excessive useless function design, in addition to selling gimmicks in sales, in the final sales, but only consume the results of the patient patience.

Misunderstanding 4: The easier it is to interface with other smart terminals

To some extent, the connection between smart homes and other terminals is one of the basis for smart homes. The concept of the Internet of Things is also being established here. However, all hardware connections should have an absolute standard: security. Taking a mobile phone as an example, a smart home connected to a mobile phone needs to rely on a smart phone such as a mobile phone for the purpose of manipulation and visualization. However, due to lack of proper security, many smart homes may be accessed by other unauthenticated terminals. This is especially scary for smart door locks. If this happens, the smart door lock can't support an ordinary mechanical lock. The fact is that many smart door locks cannot prevent casual access to the same type of door locks.

Misunderstanding 5: The more "tall" the design, the more grades

It is rude to say that domestic smart door locks are still in a relatively poor aesthetic state in terms of appearance design. In the current situation of serious homogenization of smart locks, some manufacturers want to invest in appearance to make up for mediocrity in function and do their lavish and complicated tasks. On the one hand, the cumbersome design of appearance makes the input of performance and quality itself less. On the other hand, even if only the appearance itself, the aesthetic level is worth worrying about. Smart door locks are installed in different external walls, doors and other environments, and different styles and temperaments need to be fully considered. For cost considerations, some of the locks in the appearance of low investment but the desire for "tall" return, in exchange for more nondescript design. The so-called design, in the lock, should be "simple", "Wild" as the standard.

Misunderstanding 6: Foreign brands are better than soil brands

It cannot be denied that foreign brands have a longer history and experience in smart lock products. However, foreign brands' products are always designed for foreign customers, and it is often difficult to meet the “national conditions” of local consumer groups. For example, the combination of old and young is the member structure of most families in China. Most product designs of foreign brands do not take this into consideration. They only have the unlocking method suitable for middle-aged and young people. The elderly and children at home face a novel unlocking method. Often do not know what to do.

Misunderstanding 7: No mechanical lock cylinder smart lock safer

Whatever the lock, the first priority is to ensure safety. The purpose of the smart lock must not deviate from this. At present, some manufacturers try to abandon the traditional mechanical lock cylinder and switch to a fully automatic switch. This approach is not worth promoting. We can never predict when the failure of the electronic function will be, and perhaps in the next second, blackouts, short-circuits, electronic breaks, etc. can make the door lock virtually useless at any time. The right approach, the dual advantages of smart locks and mechanical locks, create absolute security. Even if the electronic part fails in an emergency, the mechanical lock cylinder can still provide the strongest protection.

Misunderstanding 8: The morality of vendors can ensure the security of user information

In the 21st century, the security of personal information is particularly important. Of course, manufacturers are obliged to ensure the safety of users' information. However, from the perspective of the actual conditions behind the product's delivery, it seems that manufacturers are blind to trust. The morality and technology level of the manufacturers is certainly one of the reasons. What is more important is that information security is in an unfriendly environment. Anybody may leak information. The best solution is to give the user the right to keep information, and to achieve absolute information security through the very high information security system of the lock itself and the conscious operation of the user's APP.

Misunderstanding 9: The smarter the more inconvenient

This kind of situation may exist in inferior products and will give consumers such misunderstandings. Many consumers still stay in the fingerprint locks that are often not recognized, and the sensor locks that frequently experience sensor errors. In fact, smart locks have reached a new height.

Misunderstanding 10: Smart locks are expensive luxury goods

The same is a misunderstanding. There are some smart lock products with high prices in the market, and consumers have not fully understood the smart lock market. As a result, many consumers still think that smart locks are high-end consumer products. Not so. The current smart lock market has undergone several rounds of adjustments and has gradually implemented some industry standards. At the time of purchase, consumers can avoid fingerprint locks and sensor locks with high prices, avoid products of various luxury concepts and choose a new generation of smart lock products.

After reading the top ten errors of the smart lock, I believe we have some help. A good lock can make your life more secure and be careful when shopping.

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