[Firefighting] Positive pressure firefighting oxygen breathing apparatus for storage, use, maintenance and decommissioning

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Positive pressure fire oxygen breathing apparatus - warehousing

HYZ4 4-hour positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus

(1) The following matters should be noted when storing unused oxygen respirator:

1 . Can be stored on the shelf according to the state of the factory packaging , alarm battery should be stored separately;

2 , carbon dioxide absorbent, cooling core should be sealed separately. The cooling core should be frozen in a freezer at -8 °C to -10 °C for ready use;

3 , Each quarter should be open inspection to see if there is moisture. Mildew and other phenomena;

4 , storage time should not exceed three years.

(b) When using an oxygen breathing apparatus for storage, pay attention to the following:

1 , must be cleaned and disinfected and dried before storage, and perform functional inspection and air tightness inspection of the whole machine, and check each pressure component and sealing component (including inhalation valve, exhalation valve, medium pressure tube, electronic alarm, rapid O -rings on fittings, high-pressure washers on pressure relief valves, etc.);

2. Open the package inspection every six months to check if there are any phenomena such as moisture or mildew, and replace the battery of the electronic alarm.

3 , storage time should not exceed one year.

Positive pressure fire oxygen breathing apparatus - use

(a) On-duty oxygen breathing apparatus should be placed in a special cabinet. The mask should be placed inside the protective case and ensure that the oxygen breathing apparatus is firmly fixed during storage and transportation.

(2) Oxygen breathing apparatus shall be used in conjunction with personal protective equipment such as fire fighting helmets, fire fighting gloves, fire extinguishing protective boots, and firefighters' protective clothing for fire fighting. Note the following:

1. When wearing, make sure that the three reinforcement rings are in the middle of the shoulder to prevent the respiratory hose from affecting the respiratory circulatory system due to extrusion deformation;

2 , open the oxygen breathing apparatus, such as low-pressure alarm, you must find the cause and troubleshooting, otherwise you can not use;

3. When the mission is performed, when the residual pressure alarm (approx. 5.0 MPa) sounds, the scene should be evacuated immediately;

4. In the event of an emergency, when the oxygen supply is not normal, the manual oxygen supply valve should be pressed and evacuated immediately;

5 , heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, high myopia can not use oxygen breathing apparatus;

Positive pressure fire oxygen breathing apparatus - maintenance

(a) The oxygen respirator should be cleaned, disinfected, and dried after each use according to the following requirements:

1 , cleaning

(1) Full cover cleaning. After using the full face mask, use a soft brush to wash it in warm water, or add appropriate amount of neutral detergent to warm water. Completely cover the lens with a soft cloth to prevent scratching the lens. Rinse with clean water and dry in a cool place. When cleaning the full face mask, use a soft cloth to gently scrub the respiratory valve piece from the face mask with a soft cloth. There should be no debris left on the exhalation valve and the suction valve.

(2) Parts cleaning. Before cleaning, use a soft cloth and soap powder to wipe the smudges on the parts. Then place the parts in warm water and rinse. The metal products can be brushed with a soft brush. The dirt accumulated in the corrugated part of the breathing hose should be removed. The high-pressure gas can be used to directly flush the surface dust of high-pressure pipelines and pressure reducing valves and other pneumatic devices. If the entire part of the pneumatic device needs cleaning, it must be connected to an oxygen bottle and cleaned after opening the bottle valve. Do not use organic solvents as cleaning fluids.

2 , disinfection

Oxygen breathing apparatus may be sterilized using a special disinfectant or a neutral disinfectant. Disinfection with alcohol or chlorine gas is prohibited.

3 , drying

Drying equipment should use domestic hair dryer, temperature ≤ 60 °C , time should not be too long. Breathing hoses, silicone rubber masks, airbags, diaphragms and other rubber products should be dried in a cool, ventilated place.

(II) Oxygen cylinder filling requirements

1 、Oxygen cylinders are only allowed to meet the national standard GB8982-1998 Medical Oxygen :

( 1 ) Purity ≥ 99.5 %;

( 2 ) moisture content (dew point) ≤ -43 °C ;

( 3 ) Colorless and odorless;

( 4 ) Gas impurity content shall be tested according to the method specified in GB8982-1998 Medical Oxygen ;

2 , the maximum inflation pressure 20.0 MPa.

3. Never touch oil, grease or similar materials during the inflation process.

(C) Regular maintenance and inspection

1. Each year should be cleaned and disinfected, and the whole machine should be checked for function and air tightness.

2. Every three years, the cylinder inspection agency that is approved by the state shall inspect the oxygen cylinder and replace the rubber parts;

3. Replace the plastic parts every five years, and replace the exhalation valve plate, the suction valve plate, the O -ring on the quick connector, and the high-pressure gasket on the pressure relief valve by the professional and replace the pressure reducing valve. Check;

Positive pressure fire oxygen breathing apparatus - inspection and maintenance

(a) The oxygen breathing apparatus should be inspected before use, including (re-examination):

1. When installing the carbon dioxide absorber, check that the packaging bag is sealed and intact without damage. The product does not exceed the expiration date indicated on the label. The carbon dioxide absorbent must be dense during filling to prevent the formation of voids and grooves in the clear tank at various locations. ;

2. Airbag ( diaphragm ) , breathing hose and exhaust valve must be installed and sealed;

3 , install, replace the battery should check the battery cover seal position is correct without damage;

4 , Blue ice and cooling tanks are in place.

5 , the electronic alarm of the oxygen breathing apparatus, the battery power, the airtightness of the whole machine, the inflation pressure of the oxygen bottle, the flow of the quantitative oxygen supply valve, the opening pressure of the automatic supply valve, the opening pressure of the exhaust valve, etc.;

6 , mask air tightness check: hold the suction hose, inhale air until a vacuum environment, hold your breath for about 10 seconds, the vacuum state should be able to maintain;

7. The full-faced colloid, headband, frame and lens should be free from damage, the rubber parts should be free of cracks, the lenses should be clear and bright, the whole mask should be free of dust, the oropharynx cover should be properly installed, and the breathing valve should have good performance.

(II) Before the first use of the oxygen breathing apparatus on duty and after the oxygen breathing apparatus is maintained, it is required to use a calibrator for testing. The test contents include:

1 , test the low pressure alarm response;

2 , check the suction valve and exhalation valve;

3 , check the drain valve and exhaust valve;

4 , check the positive airtight and high pressure air tightness;

5 , check the quantitative oxygen supply valve;

6 , check the automatic replenishment and manual replenishment;

7 , check the battery capacity.

(C) Oxygen breathing apparatus equipped with disposable CO2 absorption tanks. During the storage period, the test can be conducted a total of 6 times, and the time of each test can not exceed 15 minutes. The records of each test shall be marked on the support of the CO2 absorption tank. The content shall include the test date and the test personnel. In addition, if the respiratory circulatory system is opened for more than 5 minutes, the carbon dioxide absorption tank must be sealed;

(d) After the maintenance of oxygen breathing apparatus should be registered for the record.

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