Stable paint price guarantee furniture supply chain

Stable paint prices Guaranteed furniture supply chain Water-based paint, as the name suggests, is different from traditional oil paints. Water's characteristics are relatively more environmentally friendly. This kind of environmental protection is not only beneficial to the finished product to consumers, but also to the health of spray-coated workers. It is understood that the current waterborne paint products of Bauhinia are mostly used in the spraying of wooden doors. Because of their large area and low hardness requirements, wooden doors have become the most suitable carrier for waterborne paints. At the same time, the Hong Kong government has issued rigid targets in some areas. It is mandatory that wooden doors in public places must use water-based paints, which also accelerates the popularity of water-based paints.

Although water-based paints have various advantages, the proportion of their applications in the wood-based field is still unsatisfactory. The reason is mainly twofold: technology and price. The technology includes the production process of the product itself, and the current water-based paint cannot fully meet the traditional oil-based paint in terms of its use effect, especially in terms of gloss. In most cases, the water-based paint cannot achieve the effect of bright light, even in terms of hardness. In the higher cases, the brightness of the oil paint cannot be compared with that of the paint; the second problem is that the manufacturer has to face the change of the spraying technology when using the water paint, and the extension of the drying time directly affects the production of the furniture product. cycle.

“Then there is price. In today’s fierce competition and shrinking market, furniture companies have to control their own costs to ensure their own profits. The cost of water paint cannot be controlled to the same extent as oil paint. For example: Single-group water-based paints are 30% more expensive than nitro-lacquers and 50% more expensive than PU paints in the same purchase volume. Therefore, water-based paints are bound to have such a huge cost difference. Let the furniture companies go awry.” said Ouyang Jiangwei, manager of Hengchang Coatings Marketing Development Department.

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