Is it possible to generate electricity from hair?

Is it possible to generate electricity from hair? Is the melanin in the hair sensitive to light? Can it be a conductor? You may never think this way, but a young Nepalese 18-year-old has just invented a breakthrough technology that uses hair to replace the silicone components of solar panels. Since the price of hair is much cheaper than silicone, this technology is expected to significantly reduce the cost of solar energy and deliver affordable renewable energy to tens of thousands of people.

Malin Karki has been engaged in many years of research, trying to create affordable renewable energy from hydroelectric currents, but the project is still too expensive. After entering the Kathmandu school, Karki began reading Stephen Hawking’s book and saw melanin as a factor in the transformation of energy. Can it become a substitute? After that, he and four other students began to study prototype equipment and found that they could charge a cell phone or a pack of batteries.

The prototype device is a 15-inch square pattern that can generate 9V or 18W of power, and the manufacturing cost is about $38. Karki believes that manufacturing costs can be effectively reduced if the device can be mass-produced. In Nepal, people's hair is priced at about 25 cents/kg, and its life cycle is about a few months. Hair can basically be considered as a renewable resource, and people using solar panels can supplement it by themselves.

It seems that this is really a device with very low cost and very simple technology, but it can indeed reduce the technical cost in the field of solar power generation and bring more affordable energy to more people. Undoubtedly from this point on Look, it has a certain degree of revolutionary significance.

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