What is the classification of Kung Fu tea set Kung Fu tea set?

Drinking tea has long been popular in China. Chinese people pay attention to tea culture. Drinking tea is also a way to maintain health. The color, fragrance and taste of tea are the direct factors for tasting the quality of a cup of tea. Tea set is equipped with a cup of excellent tea. There is nothing in life that can't be opened. Kungfu tea is still popular in Guangzhou and other regions. Let's take a look at what is Kung Fu tea. Kung Fu tea has those classifications.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

What is Kung Fu tea

Kung Fu Tea is a custom of Chinese folk tea. Tea sets refer to specialized utensils for making tea, including pots, bowls, cups, plates, and trays. A set of exquisite tea sets with color, fragrance, and taste of the famous tea, can be said to complement each other. The tea style is flourishing, the more varieties of tea, the fine texture. Guangdong Chaozhou and Shantou are popular with Kung Fu Tea, and Kung Fu Tea is the most stressful tea set. The tea set used in Chaoshan Kungfu Tea needs at least ten kinds.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

What are the classifications of Kung Fu Tea?

Purple sand tea set

The elegant and elegant purple sand tea set is elegant and exquisite, with unique temperament. It has been 500 years since the Ming Dynasty in Zhengde, and is the most famous in Yixing, Jiangsu.
The purple sand tea set is made of a porous material with a double pore structure, which has fine pores, high density and strong adsorption force. Using it for tea, not only does not lose the color, fragrance, taste of the tea, it is more difficult to mold and deteriorate. After using for a long time, it is also infused with boiling water to fill the empty pot. In addition, the longer the teapot is used, the brighter the body color is. Therefore, when choosing Kung Fu to buy the teapot, all the polished and polished, waxed and rubbed oil are mostly new pots. The authentic purple sand tea set is clean and tidy, and it will be shiny after a period of use. Only one piece of teapot will be produced through dozens of processes. Of course, the price of this hand-finished art is not very high. There are three or four thousand yuan of teapots on the market, the cheapest one is two hundred yuan. Set of purple sand tea sets, consumers can choose according to their own preferences and economic strength.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

Ceramics Tea set

The delicate and thick ceramic tea set occupies a large proportion in the tea set, and is more popular in ordinary people's homes because of the moderate price. Specifically, it can be divided into celadon tea set, fine pottery tea set, painted pottery tea set and so on. Celadon

The ground is fine, the glaze is crystal clear, the blue is blue, like ice like jade, some are like bifeng green, some are like a lake spring water, plus the unique shape of the tea set, giving people a very beautiful visual experience. In addition to the traditional embossing, dark engraving and other techniques, the glaze also has a delicate and bright color. The fine pottery tea set is white, flawless and exquisite, and belongs to the new ceramic product, which has the characteristics of pottery and porcelain. The pottery tea has a harmonious color and pleasing color. Some of the pots are also decorated with inscriptions, inlays, gold, silk prints and make-up clay. The brilliance is beautiful and beautiful. As for the painted pottery tea set, the glaze color is thick and colorful, the color is very rich and pure, and the view is pleasing to the eye and fun.

Ceramic tea has a pot of four bowls, and there is also a pot of six bowls, and some are also equipped with trays. It has better resistance to cold and heat shock and high impact strength, which is more practical. The price on the market ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan, which can be suitable for more people's taste. The characteristics of ceramic tea set, slow heat transfer, moderate heat preservation, no chemical reaction with tea contact, tea produced has a good color, aroma, taste, and such tea sets are generally beautiful in appearance, delicately decorated, with artistic appreciation. value. In particular, Yixing's teapot is a treasure in pottery. It is elegant and simple. It is used to make tea. The fragrance is particularly mellow, the color is exceptionally clean, and it is not easy to take tea for a long time.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

Iron pot tea set

The old iron pot is made of pig iron as a raw material, through the casting method, and the author's artistic rumors do not need to form a special culture. The casting method of the old iron pot in Japan is different from the modern one. The old iron pot used a dewaxing technology. After each old iron pot was cast, the mold must be broken before it can be taken out. Moreover, the old iron pots were handmade, so the pots produced will never have two identical ones. It has the global uniqueness of the shape, is a precious antique that has been rare for centuries, and is also an artistic value. Practical value of the water. You can think of it as a daily water boiler for health, or a piece of art to appreciate, or an antique collection.

The old iron kettle can raise the water temperature and has a strong heat storage capacity. Under normal circumstances, the old iron pot can be used to boil water at 97 ° C, or even above 100 ° C, which can fully soften the water, especially suitable for brewing old tea or boiled tea, especially Pu'er tea, and generally stainless steel can only reach 93 ° C. The water boiled in the iron pot can release the ferrous ions and form a mountain spring effect, making the water taste thick, full and smooth. Tea can effectively remove the musty smell in tea. Drinking iron pot boiled water has a good health care function. When the iron kettle is heated, it will release a large amount of ferrous iron, which acts with the tannins and tea polyphenols in the tea to supplement the iron content required by the human body. The iron pot can release a small amount of iron ions and can absorb the chloride ions in the water. The water produced by the iron pot contains traces of iron ions and very little chloride, and the water quality is sweet, which can fully improve the water quality and enhance the alcohol and feeling of the product name. The iron pot can raise the boiling point, and when the tea with high aroma is brewed, such as “Tie Guanyin” and Pu'er old tea, the taste of the tea soup is good.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

Craft tea set

As home furnishing heats up, various crafts are becoming more popular. The novel and unique craft tea set has also emerged as the times require, and has become a hot spot for some people.
As the name implies, the craft tea set can be used for both tea and ornamental. The shape is often new, strange, and special. From the material point of view, there are purple sand, ceramic, copper or several materials mixed together, and with a delicate base or tray, placed in the home, is a very good ornament, in Inadvertently added a piece of Oriental art. Generally speaking, the price of such tea sets is not very expensive, about 100 yuan, the price is moderate, the average wage family can accept, and thus is widely welcomed by consumers.

什么是功夫茶具 功夫茶具的分类

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