Shenzhen International Furniture Fair has them, these eight things are also romantic

Shenzhen International Furniture Fair has them, these eight things are also romantic

The great philosopher Nietzsche said: "Every day that does not dance is a disappointment to life." With the companionship of these beautiful household objects, there are some things that are romantic and romantic.


Reading a poem


How long have you not read poetry?

Sometimes it is just a poem, we will find the first love for the world. Poetry is not only the oldest literary form in the world, but also a literary carrier that elaborates the soul. This vita light will be a good companion for reading poetry. With music accompanied by lights, in the living room, in the bedroom, on the balcony, in the garden, reading poetry can be anytime, anywhere, too romantic.

In March 2017, I came to Shenzhen Fashion Home Design Week and the No. 3 Design Hall of the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to find VITA to accompany you to read poetry.


Listen to a song

"PP M?bler" Teddy Bear Chair

A person, a song, is also beautiful, right? I guess a lot of people like me, when the holiday is like the appointment, I don’t want to follow the crowds in the street, just want to lie on a single sofa, plug in the headphones, and then play your favorite tracks, let Music to heal the heart and appease the lonely soul in your heart.

Yes, loneliness is actually a carnival of one person.

When you have a Teddy Bear chair designed by Hans J. Wenger, whether it is during a free holiday or a weekend afternoon, a cup of coffee curls up in a chair and feels like the warmth of lying in a hug. Play the button and enjoy the private world that only belongs to you for a moment. Romance is no different.

A teddy bear chair that is as warm as a bear, just in the March 2017 Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition No. 3 Design Hall, waiting for you!


a leisurely

"Limited Edition"

Carpet is an indispensable companion for furniture. The huge carpet seems to grab the limelight of the space. In fact, it adds comfort to the leisure area, breaking the bluntness and coldness of the space. It inexplicably increases the temperature of the room. Everything is warm. It’s up.

Who says that a person’s home is not warm?

In the afternoon of the winter sun, sitting on the carpet of the Limited Edition, thinking at the end of a wonderful story in a book, or the leisure time after dinner, looking out the window, the thoughts drifting down the window with the evening glow Far... It has faded from the shackles of daytime work, and the feet are stepping on the soft carpet, which makes you more relaxed and relaxed, and even a daze is a pleasure.

In March 2017, come to Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition No. 3 Design Hall, let the Limited Edition carpet from Belgium give you a leisurely time.


Raise a bunch of flowers

"Georg Jensen" ILSE MAMA VASE

The vase tells stories of flowers and colors to those who love life. On the way home, I bought a bunch of cannon lily, trimmed the flowering branches, and raised it in the Georg Jensen vase, giving off a deep, shallow fragrance.

Flowers may not be eternal, but colors can last forever, and beauty can last forever. In the rolling years, flowers are often accompanied, and the color and beauty will exude their own magic. Desks, balconies, window sills, and pleasing flowers make a person's life colorful.

Wait until the warm spring of 2017, meet Georg Jensen at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to make life beautiful.


One time alone

"moooi" bertjan pot

Light is a magical existence. The magical, incomprehensible, soft lighting, like the smallest existence, but also gives people a warm, indescribable emotion.

When I finished my day's exhausted work, I went home, stayed away from the hustle and bustle of the day, and quietly enjoyed the moment of being alone. At this time, you don't have to share time with anyone, twilight, illuminate the moooi in the house, the petal-like light and shadow faint, turn a book, listen to a song.

Let the lights accompany you, in the world of solitude, at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair in March, and toast yourself.


a meal

"NOIR" Peninsula Penisuna Table

A person, better to eat, carefully prepare dinner for himself, the gradually rich fragrance in the pot, can soothe every nerve in the body; the whistling sound between the gravy is better than any symphony; then, sitting in NOIR Enjoy a delicious meal at the table. Life should be like this.

Enjoy a meal, it can be two people's appetite to share the simple but not simple, can be a feast of the whole family sitting around, a person's healthy organic salad dinner is also beautiful! The form is not important, it is best to eat at home, no matter what you eat, the bowl is sure to be delicious, it is the taste that is only at home.

In March 2017, the charm of the Danish design, Mexarts, will be held at the Shenzhen International Furniture Fair as scheduled, waiting for you to enjoy every dinner.


a small gathering

"Georg Jensen" Barbry Oak Tray

A person, finally free, about your three or five friends come to the house to gather together, use the tray to bring out the already prepared wine and food, open a drink, or drink two cups, Lala home, talk about gossip, small The days are also comfortable.

A small gathering, seemingly careless, actually poured a lot of effort. Put aside the energy of finalizing the candidates, just say that the wine prepared in advance on the table: the osmanthus brewed in September, the whisky in November, and the cookies and cakes made by yourself... The joy of life is hidden in this way. A little bit of thought.


Make good use of every second

"Georg Jensen" stainless steel silver frame alarm clock

Maybe you want to take it to complete meditation, maybe you use it to master the cooking heat, or you wait for it to wake you up, simple and practical design, allowing you to master the time accurately and make good use of every second of your life.

In the morning, you wake up from the soft alarm bell; in the afternoon, you end the meditation in the ringing of the appointment; when cooking, the deliciousness and the alarm in the pot are a perfect life in the kitchen... every second, accompanying You have spent a full time, let life be more layered, and you are more confident.

These home items that make life a hundred times warm will be held in the March 2017 Shenzhen Fashion Design Week and the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Fair. Looking forward to your life, we are waiting for you!

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