How to safely install a fixed safe

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Before use, safes and cabinets must be installed and fixed on walls or other similar hard objects. This is crucial for the safe use of safes and cabinets and for maximizing anti-theft performance.

suggestions below:

1.Before the safe and cabinet are fixed, remove the bottom of the safe box and the casters at the bottom of the safe so that the safe and the cabinet are fixed and have no gaps at the bottom, which is more effective in preventing the safe from moving.

2. The safe and cabinet must be fixed on the concrete wall. It is best to be installed by professionals to ensure the fixed strength and quality of the installation.

3. Choose a suitable, hidden location to install a fixed safe, cabinet, it is best to the safe and cabinet on the left and back of the same time installed against the wall, the best anti-theft, anti-theft effect. If you can do furniture cover out of safes and cabinets, the privacy and security of the safes and cabinets will be better.

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