What should high temperature retort pouch manufacturers pay attention to in material compounding?

High-temperature retort pouch products are products with high control requirements in the composite process. If the control is not proper, then the good quality raw materials can not produce high-quality retort pouch products with good quality.
1. Coating amount control. Although the amount of adhesive applied is not as high as possible, for high temperature retort pouch products, there must be a considerable amount of sizing to ensure its warmth resistance. Generally, the amount of sizing is 121 ° C cooking: 4.0-5.0 g / m 2 ; 135 cooking: 4.5 - 5.5 g / m 2 .
2. The degree of cleanliness. First, all relevant units of the equipment, such as the glue coating system, all the guide rolls, pressure rolls, drying tunnels, must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the aluminum foil is not damaged, the film does not wrinkle; the second is to prevent dust impurities from entering the composite film, one Black spot impurities are a weak point, which may cause damage under the harsh conditions of high temperature cooking.
3. The temperature of the composite roll should reach 80-90 °C. It is necessary to use a large composite pressure, the pressure is greater than 0.4mpa, and because of the large amount of glue, it should maintain a good exhaust condition, and the curing temperature can be appropriately increased.
4. High requirements for ambient temperature. The high ambient humidity, on the one hand, the performance of the adhesive is affected; on the other hand, the commonly used retort pouch substrate nylon is also susceptible.

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