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The decoration of the TV wall occupies a very important position in the decoration, and at the same time it plays a role of decorating the living room. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, the designer firstly considered how the style of the background wall matches the overall decoration style of the living room, especially the Furniture. It is better to highlight the owner's individualized pursuit under the premise of enhancing the overall style. Then, what kinds of TV walls are simple and beautiful to show you?

The role of TV wall decoration:

The design of the main wall of the TV should not be messy and complicated. It should be simple and generous. In simple terms, it is for the sake of beauty, followed by making up for the emptyness of the TV background wall in the living room and highlighting the overall style of home improvement.

TV wall decoration classification:

A mosaic video wall

Mosaics have been used as auxiliary materials for kitchen and bathroom renovations. But the rich colors and colorful patterns of the mosaic can bring a wonderful visual impact. The mosaic can also choose warm colors and warmth. In short Mosaic can make your TV background wall rich and interesting!

Second, hand-painted TV wall

This is a handmade video wall decoration method. You can draw everything you want on your TV wall, full of imagination. You can even paint the comics you like when you are young. The key is to find a good master of a painter. If you have confidence in yourself, you can even buy good materials by hand. This makes more sense!

Third, wooden TV wall

Nowadays, people are busy living in big cities. When they come back home and want a feeling of nature, they want to pursue the renovation effects of fresh gardens and natural environment. Then you can choose to use wood to decorate your own TV wall. Especially the Japanese or Nordic style, rural style home, can choose this video wall.

Fourth, marble TV wall

The marble TV wall is suitable for houses of relatively large size, and marble is used as a video wall in a large area. However, the video wall made of marble is relatively expensive. It depends on its own economic conditions.

V. Locker type background wall

To meet different storage needs, more and more owners want to use the video wall as their home base. According to the amount of storage to customize the form of storage of the TV wall, upright cabinets, low cabinets, multiple cabinet combinations, and partitions can be the main force for TV wall storage.

Summary: The above is some of the knowledge of TV wall decoration made by Xiao Bian. Hopefully it can help everyone. If you need to know more related information, you can continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will show more exciting content!

TV wall decoration

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