Marco Polo 800x800 Brick Marco Polo Tiles Buy Tips

In the home improvement, the laying of the floor tiles is very important for the owners, but now there are many types of floor tiles and models on the building materials market. The owners do not know how to choose. Next, Xiaobian will introduce them to you. , Marco Polo 800x800 floor tiles, let's take a look, what are the buying skills and laying techniques of the Marco Polo 800x800 floor tiles ?

Marco Polo 800x800 Floor Tiles Buying Tips:

1, to see if the tile body color is pure. The main observation is whether the back of the tile is uniform and consistent in color.

2, to observe whether the tiles cross-section of the surface is fine. Because of the strong waterproof ability of the tile with fine grains, the tile with larger particles can easily infiltrate moisture and affect the quality. Because of the strong waterproof ability of the tile with fine grains, the tile with larger particles can easily infiltrate moisture and affect the quality.

3, to listen. Tap the tile to listen to whether the sound is crisp, such as the voice is clear, sweet for the top grade, such as dull sound for the defective.

4, to test the water. Owners can pour some water on the back of the tile and observe how fast the tile absorbs water. After a few minutes, see if the marks left by the front water are obvious. After the water has spread, the tiles that have been slowly infiltrated have a high density, and the water is not visible as a top grade.

When selecting floor tiles, the following issues must be considered: First, look at the brand. Only the floor tiles of well-known brands can meet the national standards for the quality of building materials. Second, it depends on its anti-fouling ability. Generally, the floor tiles must have better anti-fouling ability so that they are better cleaned. Third, if there are elderly people and children at home, we must make a non-slip test at the time of purchase.

Tile laying techniques introduction:

1. Before applying the porcelain polished tile, apply anti-fouling wax. After polishing, the surface of the tile is polished to reflect its smoothness, increase the decorative effect and enhance the grade of decoration.

2, for the number of porcelain polished tiles due to the production of many links, complex process and other features, each batch of color shades of each color, there are significant differences.

3. The requirement for paving and polishing tiles must be cleared at the scene. Sprinkle the appropriate amount of water and cement powder, and then use a broom to sweep the floor evenly to paste the ground and the base layer of the paving tiles.

4, paving effect unless the pursuit of special decorative effects, otherwise please press the product (pattern) pattern or according to the back of the product trademark, the number of the direction of paving, in order to ensure the best paving decorative effect.

6, the laying temperature of floor tiles should be higher than 10 °C. Before laying, floor tiles should be placed face down and placed at the construction site for more than 24 hours so that the floor tile temperature is the same as the room temperature. Keep room temperature as constant as possible during the laying process.

Summary: Marco Polo 800x800 floor tiles to buy skills, floor laying techniques, Xiao Bian introduced to everyone here, I hope Xiaobian's introduction allows everyone to be a good understanding of Marco wave tiles, if you want to know more about home improvement information, Please continue to pay attention to this site.

Marco Polo 800x800 Floor Tiles

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