What are the tips for buying indoor insulation materials

Because housing prices in cities are getting more and more expensive, many people choose to go to the suburbs or a more remote place to build their own houses. Because in the hot summer, most people will be insulated during decoration, so today we will take a look at the indoor What are the insulation materials and the related content of the purchase tips of insulation materials!

What are the indoor insulation materials 1, rock wool board

The rock wool board is based on basalt. After high-temperature melting processing, it becomes an artificial inorganic fiber. It has the characteristics of light weight, small thermal conductivity, heat absorption, and not easy to ignite. It is a new type of Insulation, flameproof, sound-absorbing materials are currently widely used in construction.

What are the indoor insulation materials 2, phenolic resin foam materials

Phenolic foam material is a high molecular organic aluminum foil foam product. It is mainly made of thermosetting phenolic resin foam. It has the advantages of light weight, fire prevention, non-combustion in case of fire, no smoke, no toxicity, and no dripping. Under the environment of high temperature or low temperature, it will not shrink and embrittle, and it is an excellent material for HVAC engineering.

What are the indoor insulation materials 3, mineral wool

Mineral wool is made of mineral wool, rock, slag, and fifteen grade mineral cellulose together with organic binding. It is mainly used in all types of pipeline insulation, especially industrial pipelines operating at higher temperatures.

Selection tips for indoor insulation materials:

1. Pay attention to the fire rating of the material

General insulation materials are divided into four grades, namely flammable, flammable, difficult to burn, and non-flammable. When we make the insulation layer of the house, we should choose the material of incombustible grade. When purchasing, we must first check whether there are qualified marks on the packaging of the insulation material, the fire rating and the fire rating.

2. Pay attention to the thermal insulation of the material

The biggest role of thermal insulation materials is of course for thermal insulation, so its good thermal insulation performance is the key to buying products. When purchasing, you must understand the thermal insulation of the thermal insulation materials. You can understand the thermal conductivity of the materials.

3. Requirements for external insulation materials for external walls

When purchasing external insulation materials for external walls, its water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance and wind pressure resistance must be good, because external insulation needs to face the wind and sun of nature directly, so these This standard must be met.

4. Requirements for thermal insulation materials in external walls

The inner insulation material of the outer wall requires no higher than the outer insulation layer, but you must also choose good quality insulation materials, especially the fire resistance of the material, you must pay attention to it.

Editor's summary: The above is the entire content that the editor shared about indoor insulation materials and how to choose insulation materials. When buying thermal insulation materials, it is best to go to a regular large store to prevent bad results.

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